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Havard Gould is an award-winning journalist based in Toronto. He has reported from across Canada and the United States with special reports from London, Paris and Buenos Aires. He has, at various times, concentrated on politics and business. Now, however, his interests are almost unlimited. He can be reached through havardgould.com

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Indigenous, Jesuit canoeists pull together on long journey toward reconciliation

A core group of about 30 paddlers from across Canada featuring Indigenous and Jesuit members are trying to complete the Canadian Canoe Pilgrimage, a month-long journey along an ancient trade route used by Indigenous people and voyageurs.

Live streaming dance class aims to help rural seniors avoid falls

Researchers are examining whether a remotely delivered dance program can reduce the risk of falls for rural seniors. Ruth Snider, a 65-year-old from a small Ontario village, says after just six weeks of participating in the program, she can already feel a difference.

NHL says Olympics are out — but is the latest move just a 'time out' on talks?

The NHL has closed the door to allowing its players to compete in the Olympics. But, with much at stake for all sides, not everyone agrees that fans won't be seeing NHL players on the ice in Pyeongchang in 2018.

The oaks of Vimy: One man's mission to restore a natural treasure to the battlefield

Despite setbacks like tree-killing disease and even unexploded shells, Monty McDonald remains determined to fulfill his dream of building a living memorial of oak trees at Vimy Ridge to honour Canadians who fought there 100 years ago.

'Think of it like jet lag': Daylight saving kicks in this weekend

The Monday after the clock springs forward for daylight time is notorious. Research shows there are more car accidents, heart attacks and, perhaps less surprising, general grumpiness in the days after the clocks change.

This Canadian basketball team ruled the world — and now gets a moment of fame

They played hundreds of games and won 95 per cent of their matches, an astonishing success rate for any team in any sport. Now, a women's basketball team that dominated for years is getting a moment in the spotlight.

'It's nerve-racking': Trump's trade talk casts cloud over sunny economic times in Windsor, Ont.

After years of doom and gloom, Windsor, Ont., is booming, but some folks in the border town are concerned U.S. President Donald Trump's tough trade talk means he might try to stop the good times in their tracks.

Brash or bully? Meet Sarnia's locked-out 'Mayor Mike'

For a mayor who has been locked in a fierce political battle — and locked out of City Hall on nights and weekends — Mike Bradley is surprisingly popular.

'The almost unknown Imperials': Sarnia's hidden Grey Cup triumphs remembered 80 years on

Few Canadians realize it, but the small southwestern Ontario city of Sarnia was once a football powerhouse, hosting the Grey Cup game once and winning the trophy twice.

Bob Hamilton's canoe: Restoring a memory of a soldier's short life

A young soldier, a member of a prominent Canadian family whose mysterious disappearance that haunted the family for generations — and another family's journey to restore and remember a canoe that now bears his name.