Hadeel Ibrahim

Hadeel Ibrahim is a reporter with CBC New Brunswick based in Saint John. She reports in English and Arabic. Email: hadeel.ibrahim@cbc.ca.

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Minister may bar use of preferred names, pronouns in school unless parents consent

In reviewing LGBTQ-inclusion policy, Minister of Education Bill Hogan tells parents he's considering preventing teachers from using a child’s preferred name and pronoun until the parents consent.

Minister was angry and rude at meeting about LGBTQ-policy review, student says

A Saint John student says a meeting with New Brunswick Education Minister Bill Hogan to discuss Policy 713 left him feeling unheard and disrespected.

Mother says education minister asked her to help rewrite LGBTQ policy she supports

Nicole Paquet presented her story to caucus of how a policy protecting LGBTQ youth, if implemented correctly, would have prevented harm to her son who was outed by a teacher.

Gender-neutral washrooms under microscope as N.B. expands school policy review

The controversial review of a New Brunswick school policy that guarantees basic protection for LGBTQ students has recently been expanded to include a section on washroom access, an issue also addressed in human rights law.

Trans players on sports teams have been subject of zero complaints, organizations say

The premier of New Brunswick says his government is concerned about trans athletes in girls’ sports, but the association regulating school sports says it has not received a single complaint about that issue in at least a decade.

Did hundreds of complaints trigger the review of LGBTQ policy or just 3?

New Brunswickers still don't know exactly how many complaints triggered the review of a policy meant to protect LGBTQ students, and likely won't be able to find out before the review is finalized.

Policy 713 and kids: Fact checking 4 statements made by the premier

A month after beginning a review of a policy that protects LGBTQ youth, Premier Blaine Higgs has finally revealed exactly what is being reviewed and why.

Fredericton trail patrol shouldn't bring back 'move along' policy, advocate says

Dr. Sara Davidson says if officers just move people from one place to another, it will make them less visible, more vulnerable and less likely to get access to emergency medical help.

N.B. to close renoviction, lease 'loophole' with new rules, minister says

New Brunswick landlords could soon have to prove an eviction is necessary for renovations, and that those renovations are actually happening, before terminating a lease.

Province restores blood-work referrals to eVisitNB service

New Brunswick Health Minister Bruce Fitch says referrals for blood work will again be available through the online health service eVisitNB after being chopped last month.