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Griffin Jaeger is a reporter for CBC News and a 2022 Joan Donaldson Scholar. You can reach him at

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Strike the pose! Canada's Cole Walliser shares his secrets behind GlamBot videos of celebrities

Vancouver-born filmmaker Cole Walliser has been operating the GlamBOT, which takes slow-motion videos of celebrities at red-carpet events (and this year the champagne carpet at the Oscars) since 2016.

What Pamela Anderson reveals about her life in highly anticipated Netflix documentary

Pamela Anderson is finally telling her story on her own terms in the highly anticipated documentary Pamela: A Love Story, which is being released Tuesday on Netflix. The film gives viewers an honest account of Anderson's life — from early childhood to Playboy model and Hollywood vixen.

Netflix's Kaleidoscope is a heist show that lets viewers order the episodes

Viewers choose the order of the first seven episodes in the eight-episode series, which amounts to 5,040 combinations. The series, starring Giancarlo Esposito, tells the story of an experienced thief and a crew in their attempt to break into a high-security bank vault and steal $7 billion in bonds.

Céline Dion was left off Rolling Stone's greatest singers list and fans are furious

Near, far, wherever they are, fans of the Quebec-born singer were quick to take to social media and express outrage over what some say is a ‘crime against humanity.’

'Beyond emergency': Protesters in Toronto accuse Ford government of 'inaction' amid hospital crisis

Protesters gathered in Toronto Monday to accuse the Ford government of what the Ontario Health Coalition describes as "inaction" during an ongoing hospital crisis.

Ticketmaster cancels public sale for Taylor Swift tour after demand broke records and website

The ticket-selling site, owned by Live Nation Entertainment, has cancelled Friday's public ticket sale for Taylor Swift's upcoming tour just days after millions of the pop-star's fans swarmed the site in search of pre-sale seats, causing periodic outages and lengthy wait times.

Migrants and supporters in Canada advocate for regularization, permanent status

Migrant-led organization, as well as more than 480 civil society organizations, are jointly calling for the implementation of a comprehensive regularization program for all 500,000 undocumented people in Canada along with their families.

Toronto Waterfront Marathon makes in-person return

The Toronto Waterfront Marathon made its in-person return on Sunday, welcoming over 20,000 runners to the city after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic.

Chris Pratt's long-awaited voice in new Mario movie sounds just like ... Chris Pratt

The first trailer for the Mario film debuted Thursday, answering a question that fans of the Goomba-stomping character have been wondering since Pratt was announced as the leading role: What will Mario’s voice sound like?

This Toronto man got carjacked at gunpoint. Here's what police say you should do to stay safe

Carjackings are up sharply in Toronto this year and police are telling the public the steps they need to be safe.