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Greg Rasmussen is a National Reporter for CBC news based in Vancouver. He's covered news stories across Canada and around the world for more than two decades. Follow him @CBCGreg on twitter.

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Scientists, First Nations team up in fresh attempt to revive struggling B.C. herring stocks

Once plentiful, herring is disappearing from B.C. Commercial fisheries have been cut back while scientists and First Nations attempt to bring them back to some areas by transplanting fertilized herring eggs.
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Why cleaning the forest could help fight fires — but it won't be easy

A forest near Penticton, B.C., shows how thinning out the woodlands can make a difference when it comes to slowing the spread of wildfires.

With record-low salmon returning this year to Fraser River, B.C. fishers face tough times

Salmon fishing has had its ups and downs in recent years, but the overall trend is for fewer fish to return to spawn in the important Fraser River, which drains a large part of British Columbia and is vital habitat for salmon.

Those COVID-19 masks, gloves and wipes we're all using are polluting land and sea

Suddenly, many Canadians are wearing face masks that are mostly made from plastic fibres that can survive for hundreds of years. A University of British Columbia team is searching for a biodegradable alternative.

Canadian real estate markets hit hard by pandemic

Economic uncertainty has derailed what was looking to be a strong spring market in Canadian real estate as real estate agents, lawyers and economists grapple with the pandemic’s impact on property transactions.
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Antivirals saved people from AIDS, so can they help with COVID-19?

AIDS was seen as a death sentence until powerful antiviral drugs were discovered. Now, a new generation of drugs is being developed to target COVID-19.
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'I know he's alive': Family searches for Ahousaht man missing for more than a year

Travis Thomas was placed on a small island off the coast of British Columbia in order to help heal emotional scars, but he went missing in July 2018. Relatives continue to search, swearing they've seen him as well as signs he's alive but in hiding.

Life changes instantly as cell service switched on in Ahousaht

Life quickly changed in the remote community of Ahousaht, on an island off the west coast of Vancouver Island, when cell service was switched on for the first time.

Ear bitten off, pro-democracy politician sees Sunday elections as a way Hong Kong can express its anger

A pro-democracy district councillor who lost part of his ear in an attack earlier this month continues to campaign ahead of Sunday's local elections, marking the first time people go to the polls since mass protests began in June.

Forestry crisis has B.C. town hanging by a thread

A lumber mill in Mackenzie, B.C., is an example of just how interconnected the province's forestry sector has become, and the crisis it's facing as 25 mills have ceased operating this year, leaving more than 6,000 people out of work.