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'The price of gas and everything is staggering': CBRM hikes taxi rates

Regional councillors voted on Friday to hike cab fares in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality by 30 per cent.

Driver blasts condition of Cape Breton detour road

A Cape Breton woman says a detour road being used as a replacement after a bridge washed out is in deplorable condition.

CBRM calls for bids on a project to save a sinking fire station

Port Morien firefighters have avoided parking their trucks in one part of their fire station’s garage for about five years because they're afraid the floor might collapse due to the unexplained erosion under the building.

Easing of pandemic restrictions stokes fears of grass fires in CBRM

Firefighters across Cape Breton Regional Municipality went from battling as many as 2,000 grass fires a year before the pandemic to just 200 in both 2020 and 2021.

Nova Scotia pharmacies continuing to prescribe mask use

The Pharmacy Association of Nova Scotia has recommended that pharmacies continue requiring their staff and customers to wear masks even though that’s no longer mandated by the province.

Bird feeders can help spread deadly avian flu, cautions N.S. wildlife biologist

Nova Scotians are being asked to take down their bird feeders to help prevent the spread of avian flu. They are also being asked to report any sightings of sick or dead birds to the Natural Resources Department.

Sleepless in Donkin: Mine's ventilation system still keeping people awake

The Donkin mine in Cape Breton hasn't produced coal in two years, but it's still causing some residents to have sleepless nights. That's because the site's ventilation system is still noisily running.

New fire chief chosen for Isle Madame after dispute leads to shakeup

The Cape Breton volunteer fire department has a new chief in place and a department board member has resigned.

'You're going to get manure on you': Farm workers can soon qualify as tradespeople

Farming in Nova Scotia has become increasingly sophisticated, requiring workers to have more technical skills.

'I often think of them': Marking 40 years since deadly explosion killed 5 at Point Tupper mill

Former workers and loved ones of the victims remain haunted by the memories of a deadly explosion at the Point Tupper paper mill 40 years ago that killed 5 and left others injured.