Graeme Bruce

Producer, data visualizations and graphics

Graeme Bruce is a data journalist based in Ottawa. Previously, he was a digital editor at the Winnipeg Free Press. Find him on Twitter @graemebruce_ and reach him by email at

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Alberta used to have the lowest voter turnout in Canada. Lately, it's near the top

Alberta has gone from having the lowest voter turnout in Canada 15 years ago to having among the highest in recent elections, according to data collected from election authorities in every province and territory. 

The coronation will have some serious bling. Here's what it all is

The coronation of King Charles III takes place this Saturday at London's Westminster Abbey, and many items featured are very old, adorned with many jewels and dripping with symbolism.

How big was the government strike? Here's how it compares with past labour disruptions

Here's a look at how today’s PSAC strike compares to some other notable nationwide strikes of the past 20 years.

The Boston Bruins have broken the NHL single-season wins and points records. Here's how they did it

This year's Boston Bruins are a stunning success story nobody predicted, breaking the NHL wins record and points record for a single season. Here's a closer look at how good they've been and what it means for their Stanley Cup chances (spoiler: probably nothing).

The UBS-Credit Suisse deal, visually explained

How important Credit Suisse is, how its fall was a long time coming, and what the deal will look like.

A visual look at how Canadians relocated during the pandemic

Newly released census data paints a clear picture of many moved out of the nation’s large cities and how many fled each province.

Why the price of vegetable oil has spiked more than other food items

Food prices are increasing at the fastest pace since 1981. But the rise varies widely by product, an analysis by CBC News shows. And among the many items that have gotten more expensive in the past year, vegetable oil tops the list.

Tracking the fallout of the Hockey Canada scandal

Hockey Canada is under pressure to make significant leadership changes amid a widening scandal over how the organization has responded to reported cases of alleged sexual assaults. It has since seen key corporate sponsorships withdrawn and sharp criticism from federal politicians.

The Queen's mark on Canada: Here's a look at the many places named after her

Many schools, parks, roads and buildings across Canada were named after Queen Elizabeth during her 70-year reign.

In a tight labour market, this is where Canadian workers are going

Five charts show what’s behind the shifting landscape — and why the worker shortage will likely persist for years to come.