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Immigration becomes political fodder in Quebec election as parties spar over 'capacity'

The debate over immigration during the election campaign has so far been superficial, focused on the ambiguous concept of the province's "capacity to integrate" newcomers and whether more of them would help solve the labour shortages plaguing the province.

'Out of control': Quebec politicians facing repeated intimidation on campaign trail

A growing number of candidates from all major parties in the Quebec election campaign have complained to police after being allegedly threatened.

Quebec suspends private refugee sponsorships by organizations for one year

Quebec is suspending all private refugee sponsorships by organizations because it says it has serious concerns with the integrity of the program.

Montreal officer charged with sexual assault after investigation by Quebec's police watchdog

Roger Frechette, 55, is the first Montreal police officer ever to be charged following a BEI investigation. The complainant, a 41-year-old Ontario woman, said she was arrested and later sexually assaulted by the off-duty officer who drove her back to her hotel.

Jewish group seeks removal of anti-Semite's name from Quebec street and park

David Ouellette of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs said the late Alphonse Waegener doesn't deserve to be honoured in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, located about 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal.

Son of Quebec geologist in Dubai prison suspects foul play, urges Ottawa to pressure UAE

The son of a Canadian geologist jailed in Dubai after allegedly uncovering fraud in a gold company says the only way his father will get out of prison is if the Canadian government steps up its pressure on the United Arab Emirates.

Scheer confident in campaign's vetting process despite candidate's LGBTQ slurs

On the last day of a difficult week on the campaign trail for Andrew Scheer, the Conservative leader visibly didn't want to talk about a B.C. candidate he fired the previous night for slurs she had made against LGBTQ people.

Quebec players taunted with racial slurs at national baseball championships in N.B.

An official with the Quebec team competing at last weekend's men's national baseball championships in New Brunswick is criticizing the way Baseball Canada handled racist taunts directed at his players.

Canadian sentenced to 10 years in Cuban prison was set up, lawyer says

Benjamin Tomlin, sentenced to 10 years in a Cuban prison, says he is not guilty, and his lawyer says his client was likely set up following a night of partying in a seaside town outside the popular resort destination of Varadero.

Scheer says Liberals exaggerating over his call to review Canada Food Guide

On a visit to an agricultural fair in a battleground riding east of Montreal Tuesday, Conservative leader Andrew Scheer defended his promise to review the Canada Food Guide in order to make the document reflect research put forward by the country's food industry.