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Snowbirds eye return to Florida even as sunshine state battles COVID-19

The allure of escaping Canada's winter weather may be strong enough to drive more snowbirds to head to Florida during the coming second winter of the pandemic.

Canadians appear eager to take off for sun destinations despite ongoing COVID-19 challenges

Key travel players in Canada are reporting increased demand for bookings to sun destinations in the months ahead, despite a global pandemic that has yet to end inside or outside the country's borders.

When will international air travel soar again after COVID-19?

A return to a freer level of international air travel likely won't be possible until there's greater agreement among nations on the COVID-19 tests and vaccination documentation needed to travel abroad, experts say.

How do Canada's political parties plan to prepare the country for future pandemics?

How should Canada prepare for the next pandemic it faces? There's no consensus among major political parties on that question during an election campaign taking place amid a fourth wave of a pandemic that has yet to be quelled.

Canadian Olympic boycott of Beijing Games seems unlikely despite tensions with China

The latest call for Canada to consider boycotting the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games is unlikely to spur Ottawa to confront tensions with China in the Olympic arena, due to an apparent lack of support for such an approach among most political parties.

How will the Tokyo Games influence the next Olympics of the COVID-19 era?

The Tokyo Games have provided Beijing a preview of hosting an Olympics during a pandemic, which should help the city navigate the challenges of COVID-19 when it welcomes athletes next year.

Lustre of hosting the Olympics endures for some cities, despite challenges

Olympic hosts spend years preparing for the Games, along with billions of dollars and a lot of political capital en route to the finish line. But still, many cities want to host the event.

Money, politics and split opinion in Japan on 'grand gift' of Tokyo Olympics

A pandemic-adjusted Olympic Games is coming to Tokyo in less than two weeks amid a state of emergency and sustained opposition from those who fear the potential public health consequences of what's to come.