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Hockey fans can likely bet on seeing more gambling-related advertising — for now

Talk to a hockey fan and the odds are good they'll have something to say about all the betting-related content appearing in NHL broadcasts lately.

Companies embraced technology to work remotely during the pandemic — now they're using it for layoffs

The use of technology to deliver the news of job loss is an approach some organizations embraced during the pandemic, but employees and experts say it fails to factor in the human side of human resources.

Canada's plan for more immigrants aims to boost workforce, but experts say they'll need support

A plan to welcome a record number of immigrants to Canada is expected to help bring in needed workers. Experts and employers say more could be done to help newcomers arrive and thrive in their new country.

Push to restrict talk of LGBTQ issues in Russia will leave community 'even more unprotected'

A push by Russian lawmakers to more firmly restrict the public discussion of LGBTQ lives and issues will further isolate a community that faces ongoing peril, advocates say.

The ads are virtual, but for some NHL fans, the irritation is real

Not all hockey fans watching games from home are on board with the digital ads wrapping around NHL rinks this season. The league has been looking into using digitally enhanced dasherboards for almost a decade.

COVID-19 changed office work. Here's what the 'next normal' looks like as people return

There are signs that more people will be heading into dedicated work spaces across Canada this fall, though office occupancy remains far below its pre-pandemic levels.

Western brands still hold sway in Russia, even if copycats are taking their place

More than 1,000 foreign companies have exited or curtailed their business in Russia since the start of the Ukraine war. But Moscow's tensions with the West have not diminished the appetites of average Russians for foreign products — and copycat businesses are springing up to meet demand.

How extreme weather could force travellers to revamp their vacation plans — now and in the future

Travel industry experts say Europe has dealt with bouts of extreme weather in the past, but the types of challenges it has faced this summer have the potential to shift where and when people travel.

Jailing of Brittney Griner won't shake allure of high pay in autocratic states, sports observers say

As wealthy states from Russia to China and Saudi Arabia look to expand their footprints in professional sports, the lure of high salaries is likely to continue drawing some athletes from democracies, business observers said, despite WNBA star Brittney Griner's imprisonment in Russia.

No rewards for Washington yet, as Moscow mulls proposed swap for Russian arms dealer

A push to use a prisoner swap to free two U.S. citizens from Russian detention may yield rewards for Washington, but experts say it provides no guarantees that future exchanges involving Moscow will be any more palatable.