Ellen Mauro

Ellen Mauro is a senior reporter based in Toronto. She was formerly posted in Washington, D.C. where she covered the Trump White House for CBC News. Previously, she was posted to CBC's London, U.K. bureau where she covered stories across Europe and Africa.

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Warnings ignored, action delayed: Ontario's road to its most dire COVID crisis

Ontario is in the midst of an unprecedented health-care crisis as the pandemic's third wave worsens. Front-line doctors say it could have been avoided had Ontario acted more decisively on early warnings.

Overcrowded buses worry commuters as COVID-19 cases rise, weather turns colder

With COVID-19 cases rising in Toronto, so are concerns about the safety of overcrowded buses in some parts of the city — particularly the northwest corner, an area that has already borne the brunt of the pandemic in the GTA.

It's time to let family caregivers back into Ontario nursing homes, medical officer says

After months of family caregivers being barred from Ontario's nursing homes because of COVID-19, a chief medical officer at one facility says the province should change its rules and allow them back inside. He fears for his residents' well-being as they endure ongoing isolation.

16 people died at Ont. nursing home before sick residents were separated from the healthy

An Ontario nursing home besieged by COVID-19 didn't separate healthy from sick residents or staff until after 16 people had died, and two weeks after the home declared a respiratory outbreak, CBC News has learned.

3 more seniors die, leaving Ontario cottage community shocked by COVID-19 outbreak in nursing home

It's unclear how coronavirus came into a small nursing home in Bobcaygeon, Ont. - whether it was brought in by a visitor or a new resident - but the number of cases and deaths there has stunned the cottage community about 150 kilometres northeast of Toronto. 

'A heavenly kiss': Candlesticks saved during Nazi invasion of Poland find home at Toronto synagogue

During the Second World War, Julius Erbe helped save a pair of candlesticks from a synagogue in Poland. Erbe eventually settled in Vancouver. Now, decades later, his son has given the candlesticks to a Toronto synagogue that was built in honour of that same synagogue ravaged by the Nazis in 1939.

'I'm watching it disappear:' Residents along Lake Erie reckoning with worsening shoreline erosion

Many communities along Lake Erie are dealing with record-high water levels and significant erosion of the shoreline, and it's forcing some residents to consider abandoning their properties.

Why Washington residents want D.C. to be the 51st U.S. state

Washington, D.C., is the capital of the United States, but through a quirk of U.S. history, its residents don't have a say in the laws of the land.

'Generation-long epidemic': Compensation funds running out as 9/11-related illnesses rise

The human toll of September 11 is still growing with thousands of people in the U.S. living with —and dying — from 9/11-related illness. The growing number has put crippling pressure on a federal compensation fund to help the sick and their families, leading first responders and survivors to pressure Congress.

Blackface scandal a 'painful' reminder of racism in Richmond, Va. — a city filled with reminders

In Richmond, Virginia, memories of a racist past are everywhere — from Confederate monuments to slavery memorials. Now, painful images of racism are in the headlines, too, as the fallout over a blackface photo in the governor's yearbook continues.