Ellen Mauro

Ellen Mauro is a senior reporter based in Toronto, covering stories in Canada and beyond, including recent deployments to Haiti and Afghanistan. She was formerly posted in Washington, D.C. where she covered the Trump White House for CBC News. Previously, she worked at CBC's London, U.K. bureau where she covered major international news stories across Europe and Africa.

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In Depth

Afghan athletes who thought they were headed for Canada plead with Ottawa: 'Don't break our hearts'

Dozens of Afghan female athletes left Kabul holding letters saying they had been granted a visa to Canada. They had no idea, they said, that by the time they were able to flee Afghanistan, the letters no longer had any sway with the Canadian government. They're now stuck in Albania, pleading for Ottawa to resettle them.

Canada's lawyers in Kabul have been left behind, and are losing hope

Saeeq Shajjan’s law firm was contracted by the Canadian embassy in Kabul eight years ago. Many of his employees remain stuck in Afghanistan, waiting desperately to hear from immigration officials. They fear for their lives given the firm’s long-time relationship with Canada.

Afghan girl, 10, was preparing for a new life in Canada before she was killed by the Taliban

A 10-year-old Afghan girl who was preparing to come to Canada with her family was instead shot dead by the Taliban last week, a death critics say is partly to blame on Ottawa's sluggish efforts to relocate Afghans who worked with the Canadian military. 

Refugee family that fled Afghanistan with Canada's approval is now stuck abroad in web of bureaucracy

Ottawa says it’s doing all it can to quickly process Afghan refugees, but advocates say many — including those who worked for the Canadian government in Afghanistan — find themselves languishing in third countries, struggling to get information about their cases.

How a made-in-Canada distress signal may have helped save the life of a North Carolina teen

A distress signal co-developed by the Canadian Women's Foundation and a Toronto ad agency is being credited with helping a missing teenage girl from North Carolina who was rescued by police after using the hand gesture to ask for help. It's believed she saw the signal on TikTok.
CBC in Afghanistan

Taliban vowed to respect rights of girls and women, but many can no longer attend school

It's been more than a month since the Taliban forbid Afghan girls in grades higher than six from going to school. The Taliban called it a temporary measure, but fears among Afghan women are growing that the harsh rule of the 1990s is again taking hold.

Afghanistan's anguish: Humanitarian crisis looms in wake of Taliban takeover

Many Afghans say Taliban rule has led to better security, now that the bloody insurgency is over. But Afghanistan faces a humanitarian catastrophe, and the struggle to survive deepens every day.

Haiti's heartbreak as chronic political and economic crises hamper disaster response after quake

Haiti has a proud past but a difficult history. The recent earthquake is the country’s latest disaster, but entrenched crises of poverty and political instability are inhibiting its ability to respond as thousands languish without much-needed aid. 

'There's nothing': Misery a common scene as quake-ravaged Haiti grapples with a lack of aid

The courtyard of the Ofatma hospital in Les Cayes, Haiti, is a scene of abject misery right now, as patients await treatment and hospital staff struggle with a lack of supplies in the wake of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the region.

Service dogs 'a life changer' for those in need as pandemic further limits mobility

Sue Woodhouse of Bright’s Grove, Ont., waited roughly a year to get a new service dog after her previous dog retired. The longer wait time, a result of training delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, added another layer to the difficulties Woodhouse experienced navigating life during the pandemic.