Donna Carreiro

CBC Radio Current Affairs Producer

Donna Carreiro is an award-winning producer and journalist, who has worked for more than 27 years with CBC Manitoba. Prior to that, she was a print journalist for a daily newspaper and local magazines. She is drawn to stories of social justice (or injustice) that give a voice to those who most need one. She can be reached at

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Change called for in Aboriginal Justice Inquiry 'not going to occur in my lifetime': Murray Sinclair

The former senator, who co-led an investigation into racism in the justice system, is now speaking out about events that shocked him, saddened him and worried him during the historic hearings.

Investigations into police-involved shootings not transparent enough, Murray Sinclair says

Former senator Murray Sinclair says Manitoba's Independent Investigation Unit is neither independent enough nor transparent enough to properly investigate police-involved shootings.

30 years after Aboriginal Justice Inquiry, too little done to protect Indigenous women and girls, critics say

Thirty years after the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry released its final report, advocates say there's been too little action on its 296 recommendations, some of which were specifically designed to better protect Indigenous women and girls.

Friend, cousin reflect on life, death and legacy of Helen Betty Osborne, 50 years after her murder

On Nov. 12, 1971, Cree teenager Helen Betty Osborne was the victim of a now notorious hate crime that ultimately exposed what Indigenous communities had known all along — racism in Manitoba was alive, thriving and deadly.

Bill on mandatory minimum penalties that died when federal election called will be reintroduced: Liberals

A piece of legislation that was supposed to repeal penalties that disproportionately impact Indigenous peoples died on the order table before it became law -- a casualty of the September federal election.

Manitoba taiko drummer finds sanctuary and inspiration in solitude amid pandemic

When Phoebe Man opens up the shutters and leans out of her window, she’s not just letting in the outside world. She’s taking in her inspiration.

GerryFest celebration paints pictures of racial justice in honour of late Winnipeg arts icon

A celebration in memory of musician Gerry Atwell has created a powerful legacy; a gallery of original, personal -- and sometimes painful -- paintings that demand racial justice.

The good, the bad and the 'just don't do it' of summer fun during a pandemic

How safe is it to hit the golf course or go for a swim? Three health experts assess the COVID-19 risks associated with summer fun activities allowed in Manitoba as of June 1.

How COVID-19 will shape the way, the where and the how we work

The next time you want to weigh in on a co-worker’s spreadsheet, expect to do so from a desk down the hall, through a clear plastic shield or from your kitchen table at home. That’s likely to be the new world order when it comes to work, experts say.

Antibody tests could shine light on 'stealth virus' that causes COVID-19, including early cases, experts say

A newly approved blood test could answer a question on many Manitobans’ minds — was that knockdown, drag-out flu they recently had actually COVID-19?