Donna Carreiro

CBC Radio Current Affairs Producer

Donna Carreiro is an award-winning producer and journalist, who has worked for more than 26 years with CBC Manitoba. Prior to that, she was a print journalist for a daily newspaper and local magazines. She is drawn to stories of social justice (or injustice) that give a voice to those who most need one. She can be reached at

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GerryFest celebration paints pictures of racial justice in honour of late Winnipeg arts icon

A celebration in memory of musician Gerry Atwell has created a powerful legacy; a gallery of original, personal -- and sometimes painful -- paintings that demand racial justice.

The good, the bad and the 'just don't do it' of summer fun during a pandemic

How safe is it to hit the golf course or go for a swim? Three health experts assess the COVID-19 risks associated with summer fun activities allowed in Manitoba as of June 1.

How COVID-19 will shape the way, the where and the how we work

The next time you want to weigh in on a co-worker’s spreadsheet, expect to do so from a desk down the hall, through a clear plastic shield or from your kitchen table at home. That’s likely to be the new world order when it comes to work, experts say.

Antibody tests could shine light on 'stealth virus' that causes COVID-19, including early cases, experts say

A newly approved blood test could answer a question on many Manitobans’ minds — was that knockdown, drag-out flu they recently had actually COVID-19?

Manitoba man questions whether wife's fatal illness was actually early COVID-19 case

Dustin Ens does not know if his late wife had COVID-19, or if he contracted it. But he wants the chance to find out.

Review of past Manitoba pneumonia cases turns up no previously unknown COVID-19 cases, province says

The province of Manitoba says it may review past medical cases identified as pneumonia late last year, to determine if they were actually earlier, unknown cases of COVID-19.

Pandemic proves it's time for basic income for all, economists say

The next time the world is blindsided by a global emergency, the economy will better survive if everyone’s paid what they need to survive before it hits, experts say.

Don't let focus on vaccine research fade after COVID-19 pandemic ends, experts urge

A team of researchers has been given the green light — and money — to help find a way to avoid another pandemic. But scientists say history has revealed that when the worst is over, interest in a preventative vaccine tends to die down.

'Dear health-care worker': Letters pour in for COVID-19 front-line workers

Letters, videos and photos from Manitobans expressing their appreciation for our pandemic front-line workers all started with "Dear health-care worker."

Post-pandemic, advocates hope to see 'new appreciation,' support for gig workers

Store clerks, delivery drivers and security guards are among those who keep Manitobans fed, served and protected — often for minimum wage and little recognition. "These are the people getting us through COVID," says union president Jeff Traeger. "We need to take care of them."