Don Pittis

Business columnist

Don Pittis was a forest firefighter, and a ranger in Canada's High Arctic islands. After moving into journalism, he was principal business reporter for Radio Television Hong Kong before the handover to China. He has produced and reported for the CBC in Saskatchewan and Toronto and the BBC in London. He is currently senior producer at CBC's business unit.

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Canadians love their cars so much that high fuel prices won't make most of us change our ways

Despite soaring fuel prices, most of us are still driving just as much, an instructive lesson in economic "elasticity" and a warning about why carbon pricing may not be the answer for getting internal combustion engines off the road.

Crypto markets tumble and investors get their fingers burned

Investors in crashing stablecoins should have listened to a Canadian finance expert as the catastrophic failure of one such unit helps destabilize the crypto market. Now he says there could be worse ahead but doesn't rule out a rebound in the strongest examples, such as bitcoin.

As Fed issues rate hike, more warnings that stagflation is coming to North America

Big rate hikes by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Canada have yet to quell inflationary expectations, and warnings grow that the weird combination of inflation and economic stagnation could be returning to Canada.

Will Elon Musk follow the old adage that media freedom is only for those who own the media?

Control of the media by rich white males is nothing new in Canada or the world. But some say the influence of Tesla boss Elon Musk could be bad for democracy while making him even richer.

The new reality of 6.7% inflation is that Canadians will be forced to spend less

Soaring inflation, rising interest payments and higher prices for necessities are today's reality — all while wage hikes aren't keeping pace. And that will force many to get serious about how to spend less.

Canadians too anxious about the future to enjoy the vibrant present, say economists

As the Bank of Canada hikes interest rates again, this time by half a percentage point, Canadians are "climbing a wall of worry," and can't seem to let go and enjoy the fact that the economy is very strong and likely growing stronger.

How a break at the pumps is a reverse carbon tax — and could make climate change worse

A break on pump prices sounds great, but you're paying for it. In the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the long-standing dispute over how governments should be spending our tax dollars in the oil and gas sector has become more complicated and, if possible, more heated.

Canada may have hit its long-awaited electric vehicle turning point

Compelling carmakers to sell a specific percentage of EVs has been proven to work not just in places like California but right here in Canada. Despite evident reluctance by manufacturers to make the shift to electric, this could be the turning point.

Lasting effects of Putin's war may be 'demand destruction' and fractured global trade

Even as the Canadian oil and gas industry rushes to fill the gap left by Russian crude, market disruption may mean the only real solution is what energy experts call "demand destruction," as democracies face a tradeoff between standard of living and security.

Putin's war has destabilized the world economy and inflation may be just the start

The impact of Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine is already showing up in Canadian inflation, but even as the U.S. central bank moves to slow inflation, Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell says there could be more economic distortions ahead.