Don Pittis

Business columnist

Based in Toronto, Don Pittis is a business columnist and senior producer for CBC News. Previously, he was a forest firefighter, and a ranger in Canada's High Arctic islands. After moving into journalism, he was principal business reporter for Radio Television Hong Kong before the handover to China. He has produced and reported for the CBC in Saskatchewan and Toronto and the BBC in London.

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Consumer confidence is surging just as banks brace for defaults. What's going on?

Canadian banks set aside new cash for bad loans, as the Bank of Canada and the CMHC warn on the risks of growing debt. Yet consumer confidence is rising. Are we just not listening?

Canadian forest fires are the latest costly climate disaster that public accounts fail to capture

Even as Canadians choke on orange smoke, the parliamentary budget officer says there is no way to add the benefits of fighting climate change to the national books. The World Meteorological Association says we are heading for the dreaded 1.5 degrees of warming in five years but the value of stopping it doesn't show up in public accounts.

Economists worry growing conflict with China will make Canada and the world poorer

Ejection of a Chinese diplomat who interfered in Canada's internal affairs has led to a tit for tat expulsion. It's only the latest skid toward "global fragmentation" that economists fear will damage trade and impede co-operation on important issues including climate and artificial intelligence.

Canadian artificial intelligence leader Geoffrey Hinton piles on fears of computer takeover

Voices worried about an AI takeover were thin on the ground a few years ago. But despite a recent flood of calls for restraint as the technology improves by leaps and bounds, AI's money-making and defence potential appears irresistible.

Long-awaited price war a sign of rapid transformation in electric vehicle sector

Like the computer industry before it, Tesla's move to drop EV prices to the level of gas powered cars could be a watershed moment. Industry watchers say it's part of a breakneck transportation revolution affecting everything, including possibly the value of your home.

Canada's rocketing employment and food prices spell inflation worries

The Bank of Canada is still worried about inflation even as it falls. Housing and jobs remain surprisingly strong. But as the effects of high interest rates continue to spread through the economy, some are still worried the recovery will not be a smooth one.

Rising wages could thwart Bank of Canada's plans for low inflation

Critics have said wage hikes are not justified by productivity, but a report from Scotiabank says wages are likely to catch up to previous price rises even as headline inflation retreats.

Grocery chains boost profits by charging different prices for the same stuff

If you've noticed the same goods in different stores at wildly different prices, you're not alone. Experts in "price discrimination" or "the two-price system" say retailers use a well-known economic principle to maximize profit by charging as much as you are willing to pay.

Bank of Canada ready to step in if global financial crisis causes 'spillovers' to banks here

Bank of Canada deputy governor says the collapse of giant bank Credit Suisse was a "wake up call" for regulators around the world, causing them to brush off their contingency plans.

Why global financial turmoil continues and how it could affect you

As investors sold shares in German banking giant Deutsche Bank on Friday, there were growing signs that what started as the collapse of a single California bank has created a complex chain reaction that isn't over yet.