Dexter McMillan

Associate Producer, CBC News

Dexter McMillan is an Associate Producer based in Toronto. He was a recipient of a 2020 Donaldson Scholarship.

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Get the latest Winnipeg election results

Find the latest vote counts for mayor and council here.

Where are the Winnipeg police? We analyzed half a million service calls to find out

CBC News analyzed more than half a million calls for service from January 2020 to June 2022 to find out where police are being sent, and why.

These 6 graphics show how language is changing in Canada

A quarter of Canadians now have a first language that is neither English or French, according to newly released census data on language, which marks a record high.

Renters are feeling the pinch nationwide. These 5 charts break it down

Many Canadians are finding it harder to obtain housing that fits their budget as rents soar across the country. Here are five charts that show some of the numbers behind the trend.

Canada has pledged to reduce methane emissions — here are some ways to get there

The COP26 climate summit has made it clear that reducing methane emissions is a key priority for policymakers. Here's a look at what's happening in Canada on that front.

Drug possession charges dropped across Ontario at an unprecedented rate

In the past 12 months, courts across Ontario have withdrawn or stayed 85 per cent of drug possession charges in the system before they ever reached trial, according to public data analyzed by CBC Toronto.
CBC Investigates

Why a GTA woman is still fighting the WSIB for help a decade after her sister fell ill

After a work-related injury left her in a vegetative state, Cynthia Vossah’s mother and sister both quit their jobs to care for her. But they're still fighting the WSIB to modify her sister's home so they can properly care for her.

All-night raves threatening to trash sensitive habitat on Leslie Street Spit, advocates warn

Friends of the Spit say garbage, tiki torches and feces left behind by all-night partiers are putting the nature conservation area at risk.

Teen missing part of left arm speaks out after being denied chance to write Ontario G1 driving test

A Richmond Hill teenager, who is a left-arm amputee, is speaking out about her experience trying to get her G1 driving permit after being denied the ability to write the test and still waiting for the chance to take it six weeks later.
CBC Investigates

Ontario's pharmacy vaccines harder to find in some areas with high COVID rates

A month after Ontario began shipping COVID-19 vaccines to pharmacies around the province, an analysis by CBC News shows some of the hardest-hit neighbourhoods are still waiting while other communities with lower infection rates have a disproportionately high number of pharmacies offering shots.