Derek Stoffel

World News Editor

Derek Stoffel is a former Middle East correspondent, who covered the Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya and reported from Syria during the ongoing civil war. Based in Jerusalem for many years, he covered the Israeli and Palestinian conflict. He has also worked throughout Europe and the U.S., and reported on Canada's military mission in Afghanistan.

Latest from Derek Stoffel

'Turbulent times': Journalists seek international funding for embattled industry

Journalists and advocates of media freedom have spent two days in London discussing the need for a global fund to help pay legal fees and offer training, especially in developing countries, writes the CBC’s Derek Stoffel.

Europe struggles to keep nuclear deal alive amid Iranian threats

France, Germany and the United Kingdom continue to work to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. But as Derek Stoffel writes, Tehran is losing faith in the European efforts, which continue to be scuppered by the "maximum pressure" position of the United States.

A festival of kitsch this year comes with controversy

As singers from 42 nations prepare for the Saturday finale of the Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, a familiar refrain is once again being heard: cultural festivals in Israel these days almost always come with calls to boycott the country for its treatment of the Palestinians.

Wave of change couldn't sink Israel's Netanyahu

With four previous terms under his belt, corruption charges looming and a rare formidable opponent, it seemed as though the Israeli prime minister would, after 10 straight years in power, finally be sunk. But the man known as King Bibi managed to keep his head above water.

Syria is out of the headlines after 8 years of brutal war, but people still die every day

While the world has turned its attention elsewhere, the war in Syria continues. Gone are the days when the UN held peace conferences; instead, as the conflict moves into its ninth year, the global community holds its breath that a tenuous deal to halt hostilities in the northwest holds.

With charges looming, could Israel's 'King Bibi' be toppled?

Israel's attorney general is recommending bribery, fraud and breach of trust charges against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The move instantly changes the longtime leader's fortunes as Israelis prepare to go to the polls in early April.

'Catastrophic' U.S. funding cut leaves UN agency scrambling to help Palestinians

In Palestinian refugee camps across the Middle East, UN-run schools and medical clinics could be in jeopardy following a funding cut announced by the Trump Administration, writes Derek Stoffel.

Tic-tac-tic: Matkot is the sound of summer on Israel's beaches

Matkot, a paddleball-type game, reigns supreme on Israeli beaches. But not everyone is in love with it, writes Derek Stoffel.

The cheque is in the mail. But if you live in the West Bank, it might not get there for 8 years

Parcels, letters, even a wheelchair are waiting to be sorted by the Palestinian post office after Israeli authorities released more than 10 tonnes of mail that had been sitting in Jordan - in some cases up to eight years, writes Derek Stoffel.

'Death of democracy': Minorities in Israel say new law makes them 2nd-class citizens

The Druze people in Israel may be small in numbers, but they have mustered some big opposition to the country’s "nation-state law," which declares Israel as the home of the Jewish people.