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In face of deadly pandemic, Ontario long-term care homes continue breaking COVID-19 safety rules

Ten months into the COVID-19 pandemic, inspectors were still catching Ontario long-term care homes violating crucial infection prevention and control measures. Many infractions occurred during or after outbreaks, a CBC News investigation found.

60% of COVID-19 long-haulers say government is 'absolutely ignoring them,' Marketplace questionnaire finds

CBC Marketplace investigated access to care for COVID-19 long-haulers across Canada, finding that over 60 per cent aren't getting the medical support they need, 50 per cent say doctors didn’t believe them, and some are paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars out of pocket for treatments.

Inside an isolation hotel: What to expect in quarantine

Worried about the spread of the virus in multi-generational homes and high-risk neighbourhoods, authorities in Peel Region have an alternative to isolating at home: isolation hotels.

Which smartphone, laptop and tablet brands break down the most? We asked over 3,000 Canadians to find out

A CBC Marketplace survey that asked more than 3,200 Canadians about smartphone, laptop and tablet breakdowns and repairs revealed that an overwhelming majority of them are dealing with broken technology that is too difficult or too expensive to repair.

These nursing home chains have the highest COVID-19 death rates in Ontario, data analysis finds

Not all for-profit long-term care homes in Ontario are equal when it comes to containing COVID-19, an analysis of provincial data by CBC’s Marketplace has found.

How Australia succeeded in lowering COVID-19 cases to near-zero

When COVID-19 cases surged in July, restrictions were draconian and immediate in some regions.

Buyer beware: Ottawa fails to track thousands of puppies, some carrying diseases, imported to Canada each year

The federal government fails to maintain a central database to track the thousands of puppies imported to Canada every year, CBC’s Marketplace has learned, an issue experts have for years warned threatens animal welfare and can transport zoonotic diseases into Canada.

85% of Ont. nursing homes break the law repeatedly with almost no consequences, data analysis shows

A data analysis of the most serious breaches of Ontario’s long-term care home safety legislation reveals that six in seven care homes are repeat offenders, and there are virtually no consequences for homes that break that law repeatedly.

Hidden cameras and secret trackers reveal where Amazon returns end up

It’s safe to say that online shoppers like the promise of easy — and even better, free — returns. But it may surprise consumers to learn what can actually happen to all those unwanted items. 

Comprehensive nursing home inspections caught up to 5 times more violations. Why did Ontario cut them?

Ontario's government knew it was cutting thorough, effective investigations that helped identify infection control concerns in nursing homes three years before it made the cuts in 2018, but did it anyway, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.