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David Common is a host & senior correspondent with CBC News.

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Shadow's war: A Canadian veteran describes weeks under fire in Ukraine

A former Canadian Forces soldier now fighting in Ukraine recently spent two months in combat with Russian forces. He described the experience to CBC News.

As allies visit Ukraine's capital, Canada's absence is being noticed

Ukraine's former ambassador to Canada says this country should not be among the last to reopen its Kyiv mission, as a slew of high-profile international leaders tour to wartime capital.

Russia may have left Chornobyl, but top nuclear monitor warns of ongoing threat amid violence

The world's top nuclear monitor warned Tuesday that while Ukraine has regained control over the Chornobyl power plant, there's a need for ongoing vigilance at the infamous facility amid the war. The warning came 36 years to the day after the catastrophic 1986 nuclear disaster at the site.

Despite laying dozens of charges, RCMP have stopped targeting Canadian accomplices in foreign scam calls

The RCMP’s Project Octavia arrested 11 people in Canada who were accused of funneling money to criminal syndicates running phone scams that target Canadians. But before any of those cases made it to trial, the Mounties disbanded the special task force

Have a car with a push-to-start ignition? Here's how it could end up stolen and overseas

Cars stolen from Ontario and Quebec are openly being advertised and sold in West African countries, including Nigeria and Ghana, according to a Marketplace investigation, which also found thieves are targeting vehicles with push-to-start ignitions.

Secret trackers and hidden cameras expose how some movers could be ripping you off

A group of moving companies is offering low quotes and then increasing the total cost of moves by thousands of dollars — in some cases grossly over-estimating the weight of goods to be moved, a CBC Marketplace investigation has found.

Justice Fund pilot program a crash-course in life skills for youths from vulnerable neighbourhoods

Organizers include Noah '40' Shebib, the global music powerhouse and producer of many of superstar Drake’s hits.

5 out of 6 winter boots fail slip test on ice, Marketplace finds

Marketplace looked at popular brands for sale in Canada — Merrell, Sorel, Kamik, Ugg, Timberland and WindRiver — to see how some of these companies’ winter boots would fare on a wet, icy surface. 

Canadian brands sold clothing from factory suspected of secretly using North Korean forced labour

Retail giant Reitmans brought more than 100 shipments of clothing into Canada from a Chinese factory suspected of secretly using North Korean forced labour, a months-long CBC Marketplace investigation has found. The retailer says it has stopped placing new orders with the facility

Real estate agents caught on hidden camera breaking the law, steering buyers from low-commission homes

A CBC Marketplace investigation has found that some real estate agents are breaking the law by steering unwitting buyers away from low-commission homes.