David Common

David Common covers a wide range of stories for CBC News, from war to disrupting scams. He is a host with the investigative consumer affairs program Marketplace, and a correspondent with The National. David has travelled to more than 85 countries for his work, has lived in cities across Canada, and been based as a foreign correspondent in the U.S. and Europe. He has won a number of awards, but a big career highlight remains an interview with Elmo. You can reach David at david.common@cbc.ca, Twitter: @davidcommon.

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In the Ukraine war, even the corpses are booby trapped. Canada is helping Ukrainian soldiers stay alive

Canadian combat engineers teaching front-line Ukrainians landmine detection, destruction.

'Elaborate scam' leaves seniors with high-interest mortgages they didn't want or understand

Some seniors are at risk of losing their homes in a scheme involving door-to-door equipment rental contracts, questionable renovations and mortgages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars that many didn’t know they had and can’t afford.

Once featured on HGTV, pool builder accused of swindling customers

Dozens of his customers across North America think failed Winnipeg businessman Kurt Wittin is a ripoff artist. They’ve given him hundreds of thousands of dollars to build prefabricated pools but never received a pool or a refund. Even after dozens of lawsuits, Wittin continues to sell the pools, using an appearance on an HGTV home reno show to boost his business.

Inside the Canadian crash course training Ukrainians on Leopard tanks

Canadian soldiers are on in Poland training their Ukrainian counterparts on how to use the Leopard tanks donated by the West. CBC News has exclusive access, to the firing range designed to teach battle-hardened Ukrainians on the sophisticated tanks sent by Canada and European nations.

A look at the sneaky fees at Canada's biggest tourist spot that some call 'a total cash grab'

Marketplace has been investigating the hidden fees tacked onto consumers’ bills at hotels, restaurants and attractions in Niagara Falls, Ont., and has found the fees continue to increase with little oversight or regulation.

Toronto dentist expected to lose licence after having sex with patient, fathering her child

An uptown Toronto dentist is expected to have his licence revoked for allegedly getting into a two-year extramarital affair with a woman soon after she became his patient, and having a child with her —  something a disciplinary panel with his professional college has called "sexual abuse."

He calls himself a doctor and promises to cure cancer. Critics say he's profiting from misinformation

The self-described "Doc of Detox" was exposed nearly 30 years ago for selling fake HIV cures in Toronto. Now, he's peddling unproven and harmful treatments for everything from chronic pain to cancer, according to a Marketplace investigation.

Why are Canadians' cellphone bills higher than other countries?

The oft-quoted industry explanations for high wireless prices — costly operating margins and a sparse Canadian population, for example — are insufficient to explain lower prices found in other countries and even between some provinces. Experts say Canada needs to do something about competition before things get worse.

Inside the police bust targeting movers accused of scamming customers

Police have laid hundreds of charges against movers accused scamming customers for quoting low prices, but charging more and holding belongings unless the bill is paid. Marketplace had exclusive access inside the bust.

Flying just outside Ukraine, NATO's sentinel planes warn of Russia's battlefield moves

Come aboard one of NATO’s planes where surveillance operators use the sophisticated Airborne Warning and Control System to peer deep inside wartime Ukraine and quietly provide a near real-time picture of Russian forces.