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Thalidomide disaster: background to the compensation debate

There were already concerns about thalidomide when it was approved in Canada. It was withdrawn in Canada in 1962, months after other countries did so. Today, some survivors are demanding more compensation, pointing to the government's negligence.

Canadian snowbirds: Rules you need to know

There could soon be changes to the rules that affect U.S.-bound Canadian snowbirds. Here's a look at what may be ahead and a checklist of the rules about length of stay, taxation and insurance.

FAQs: Worldwide bleaching of coral reefs worries scientists

While the Great Barrier Reef experiences the worst mass bleaching in its history, other coral reefs follow suit. What causes the bleaching and what can be done?

Warmer than average summer ahead across Canada, forecasters say

Nearly all of Canada will see above-normal average temperatures this summer, says Environment Canada's David Phillips.

When eating your veggies isn't good for you

The Listeria-related frozen vegetables recall shows that it's not just meat processing that should concern consumers. Veggie burgers and dogs do generally worse than their meat equivalents for pathogens, undeclared allergens and ingredients, missing ingredients, and hygienic issues. And the veggie ones may secretly contain meat.

Suicide rates are highest for men in their 50s and we're not sure why

There's rarely just one factor that explains an individual suicide, and that's likely also true for suicide rates. Still, the high rate for men in their fifties is not well understood.

Federal election voter turnout 68.3 per cent, highest in 22 years: official vote count

Elections Canada's official results show a voter turnout of 68.3 per cent in the federal election, a seven-point increase from 2011, with Alberta recording the largest increase of any province, up 13 points.

FAQ: Signing the Paris Agreement on climate change

Over 160 countries are expected to sign the Paris Agreement on climate change at a ceremony at the UN today, Earth Day. So what's the big deal?

Currency exchange: How to get more for your downward dollars

Travelling outside Canada or sending money abroad? Here's how to get a better deal exchanging your Canadian dollars for other currencies.

Seasonal stock market indicators flashing warnings to investors

Investors saw results this week from three seasonal indicators about the year ahead, and all are negative. One indicator had the worst five trading days to start a year since 1930.