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Curt Petrovich is a journalist and author with more than three decades of national, international and investigative reporting experience.

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Notes of wildfire? How some B.C. winemakers are grappling with smoke

Smoke from wildfires in winegrowing regions like the Okanagan is creating a challenge for winemakers who may sometimes resort to methods for removing the contamination that aren't disclosed on a wine bottle's label.

B.C. policy stifled fire safety concerns to promote mass timber highrises, documents show

Documents obtained by CBC News show B.C.'s Office of Mass Timber Implementation barred municipalities from building tall wood highrises unless they guaranteed local fire officials would be aligned with planning and building departments regarding any concerns they might have, including fire risks.

Robert Dziekanski died 15 years ago — investigations into the RCMP role continue

Fifteen years after the Polish immigrant died at the Vancouver International Airport, a current and former Mountie involved hold out hope that a long-running criminal investigation focusing on senior RCMP leaders may yet clear them of wrongdoing.

Yeast experiments on Artemis I may help astronauts survive cosmic radiation in deep space

Canadian researchers are deeply involved in experiments aboard Artemis I, NASA's new space launch system designed to return humans to the moon and Mars. The experiments will use yeast cells as astronaut surrogates to find countermeasures against lethal cosmic radiation on long-duration space flight.

Investigators search for culprit behind norovirus outbreak in B.C. oysters

Norovirus contamination in B.C.'s most productive oyster growing region has become a regular occurrence, setting back the industry's international reputation and putting farmers on edge. Investigators are chasing down the cause of this year's outbreak after laws and regulations failed to prevent it.

Dismal B.C. herring season sparks renewed calls for moratorium

Conservationists are renewing long-standing calls for a moratorium on Pacific herring fishing after fishermen failed to catch an already-reduced quota for a species prized by Asian markets for its roe.

Experts worry about low COVID-19 vaccination rates in kids as restrictions lift across Canada

Pediatric infectious disease experts weigh in on the reasons why the uptake for COVID-19 vaccinations for children aged five to 11 lags far behind the rate of every other age group.

Take 2 steps and call me in the morning: Exercise as a prescription for depression

The pandemic and revolving lockdowns have sharpened public health focus on treating mood disorders such as depression with relatively simple but effective exercise.

Cheaper panels, interest in going green spurs boom in rooftop solar

Falling prices of solar panels, combined with rising energy costs, is sparking a small but growing surge of of people making long-term investments that will allow them to generate their own electricity.

'Like drinking an ashtray': Why scientists and winemakers are fighting smoke taint from wildfires

Annual forest fires fed by climate change are dragging winemakers and scientists into a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek to find and eliminate offensive aromas in vintages caused by smoke taint.