Clement Goh

Digital Producer

Clement is a writer across TV and Digital with CBC Toronto and CBC London. Since 2018, he has also worked in various newsrooms across the GTA covering city affairs, community events and entertainment. Outside, he is a resident gamer and keeps his popcorn close at the latest movie premieres. You can reach him with tips, story ideas and compliments at and Twitter via @theinstaword

Latest from Clement Goh

Flair Airlines' promise for improved service leaves customers divided

Former and current customers with Flair Airlines said they're frustrated, but hopeful recent experiences can improve communication systems as the carrier vows to improve and grow in Waterloo region.

Waterloo Region announces new e-bike and e-scooter program launching next Friday

According to the Region of Waterloo, riders will be able to access their choice of an e-bike and e-scooter at a virtual station installed in the downtown core.

TikTok bans are rolling out in Waterloo region, but cybersecurity experts are divided

Cybersecurity staff in the Waterloo region are skeptical banning TikTok across government and school devices is a concrete solution amid security concerns.

University students turn to Marshall Street for unsanctioned St. Patrick's Day party

Students in the Waterloo region headed to Marshall Street and King Street as their newest unsanctioned party destination for St. Patrick's Day.

Irish community in Waterloo region wants to share culture, not spread stereotypes this St. Patrick's Day

Members of the Irish community in Waterloo region say celebrating their culture on St. Patrick's Day is more than a tradition of having too many drinks.

120 Waterloo region startups affected by Silicon Valley Bank crash

The collapse of California-based Silicon Valley Bank put left startups in Waterloo region wondering if they would get their deposits back.

London families prepare for Orthodox Christmas with remembrance

London community members celebrating Orthodox Christmas say the holiday is a joyous one with family, but also sad as they miss their loved ones in other parts of the world.

Adult Tylenol is next up in the list of supply chain issues for London pharmacies

Despite more prescription options, shortages of children’s pain and fever medications continue to be a problem for London, Ont. pharmacists

Rain and warmer temperatures hampers outdoor winter activities in London

Operators behind London's outdoor skating rinks and ski hill say the current weather is slowing down recreation in the city.

New year, new you? Here's how you can stay motivated at the gym

"New year, new me" doesn't have to be a struggle, according to gym owners, who say it's about developing healthy and doable habits.