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Many Canadians willing to hold nose at gas prices as they hit the road, take to the skies once again

Even as gas prices hit record highs, Canadians are fanning out across the country for fresh travel experiences after two years of bottled-up demand.

'Making monsters of each other': Businesses fear impact of Quebec language law

Business groups are asking the government to soften its rules — particularly around francization — to offer supports to businesses that undergo it and to extend compliance deadlines.

Union drive in full swing at Amazon warehouse in Montreal

A unionization campaign is underway at an Amazon warehouse in Montreal as one of North America's largest employers stares down more labour drives — with only one successful so far.

South Asian truckers say protest convoys didn't resonate with them, caused financial losses

Frustration and disgust at the recent blockades and encampments in Ottawa and elsewhere may be the final straw for truck drivers like Nihal Singh, atop concerns ranging from wages and road safety to social isolation and exhausting working conditions.

The travel itch is boosting vacation bookings, but COVID testing remains key hurdle

Countries such as Denmark, Switzerland and the United Kingdom are scrapping requirements for vaccinated passengers.

Vaccine mandate 'not an issue at all' for Canada's largest trucking company, TFI

TFI, Canada's largest trucking company, says it has been virtually untouched by the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the U.S.-Canada border.

WestJet cuts 20 per cent of flights in March, calls for reopening timeline

WestJet Airlines Ltd. says it has cancelled 20 per cent of its flights in March, extending schedule cuts from February amid ongoing COVID-19 restrictions and uncertainty that continue to drain demand.

Emails raise questions about regulator's independence amid COVID-related flight refunds

Newly revealed correspondence between the federal government and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) at the start of the pandemic is raising questions around the regulator's independence.

GoFundMe withholding $4.7M from trucker convoy until plan presented

GoFundMe has frozen access to the more than $4.7 million in funds raised by the trucker convoy now winding its way across the country toward Ottawa in a protest against vaccine mandates.

Airlines seek end to mandatory COVID-19 testing of vaccinated passengers on arrival

Canada's largest airlines and its busiest airport asked the federal government Monday to drop its rule requiring vaccinated travellers to test on arrival for COVID-19.