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Christian Paas-Lang covers federal politics for CBC News in Ottawa as an associate producer with The House and a digital writer with CBC Politics. You can reach him at

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Will Monday's provincial election put Alberta on a 'continued collision' course with Ottawa?

Along with its established electoral "regions" of Edmonton, Calgary and rural areas, the province's relationship with Ottawa will play a role in deciding the results of Alberta's election on Monday.

Justice minister says federal government could not go much further on bail reform

Justice Minister David Lametti says the federal government could not have made its recently proposed bail reform much stricter due to constitutional constraints.

Former Trudeau security adviser says he never saw CSIS report on Chong, criticizes intelligence leaks

Vincent Rigby, the former national security adviser, says he didn't see a key CSIS report created in 2021, and called out national security officials for leaking information to the media.

Four federal byelections will be held on June 19

Byelections will be held this summer in four ridings in Manitoba, Quebec and Ontario to elect new MPs.

Trudeau says Charles is 'deeply aligned' with Canadian priorities on environment, reconciliation

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday that King Charles shares many of the values of Canadians, given his long advocacy around environmental issues.

Many Canadians are done with the monarchy — but the GG says they should give Charles a chance

Polling suggests that most Canadians aren't fans of the monarchy — but Gov. Gen. Mary Simon says that if we're going to consider a post-monarchy future, we need to have serious discussions about alternatives.

Premiers urge speedy action on crime, but justice minister warns there's no easy fix

Justice Minister David Lametti says he intends to introduce bail reform legislation this spring, but it's only part of a complex solution to the problem of violent crime.

AI is having a moment. What should the government do about it?

Three MPs from across party lines say they're worried that government simply won't be able to move fast enough to address the effects of evolving artificial intelligence technology.

PSAC head says picket lines could move to increase disruption to government

Chris Aylward, national president of a major public servants' union, said Sunday that the public should expect to see picket lines moving to "strategic locations" starting Monday.

Conservative commentator Jamil Jivani to run to replace Erin O'Toole

Jamil Jivani, a conservative commentator, is making the leap to electoral politics, in a bid to win a seat soon to be vacated by former CPC leader Erin O'Toole.