Christian Borys

Christian Borys is a Canadian journalist primarily focused on covering conflict.

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Natural gas standoff between Russia and Ukraine leaves Europe on edge

A tense standoff last week between Ukraine and Russia over natural gas left Ukrainian civilians as the immediate losers and Europeans on the edge of their seats, asking what’s next when it comes to their future supply of the lucrative resource.

Residents talk of exodus from this cash-starved Venezuelan port

Against the backdrop of political and economic turmoil in Venezuela, government economic policies are blamed for driving away ships from the once-bustling port city of Puerto Cabello, and now some residents are eager to leave.

Cyberattack: Was it really ransomware, or an attack on Ukraine — or something yet to come?

A day after the latest cyberattack crippled computers internationally, starting in Ukraine, expert opinions are varying widely over who was behind it and what the real goal was.

Canadian doctors rebuild bodies shattered by war in Ukraine

A team of 20 Canadian medical professionals, including surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses, are in Ukraine on a mission to offer reconstructive surgery to soldiers and civilians wounded in the conflict in the country’s eastern regions.

Protesters block courthouse after Ukrainian tax boss accused of embezzling millions

Roman Nasirov, the 38-year-old head of Ukraine’s tax and customs service, has been accused of embezzling more than $99 million Cdn in public funds.

'What kind of life is this?': Renewed fighting in eastern Ukraine leaves residents shell-shocked

Valentina Pasternak, 76, was draped in two scarves and several layers of sweaters, but there was no way she'd stay warm Thursday night. Earlier in the day, a shell hit beside her tiny home in Avdiivka and smashed all the windows.

'It's so much worse': Renewed fighting in Ukraine pushes town to brink of humanitarian catastrophe

After two years of relative calm, Ukraine's war with Russian-backed rebels took a deadly and destructive turn this week, leaving besieged towns like Avdiivka without electricity, heat or water.

Shelling stops in eastern Ukraine town, leaving death and destitution

After a week of extensive and indiscriminate shelling, the government-controlled town of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine finally spent its first night in relative calm.

Battered eastern Ukraine seems headed into protracted on-and-off war

Analysts and experts focused on the war in Ukraine believe a number of factors are combining to keep the Ukrainian conflict on the global diplomatic back burner.