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Chelsea Gomez is an investigative journalist with CBC News based in Toronto.

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Banned in the U.S., not approved for breastfeeding — why are so many moms taking this drug?

CBC spoke with nine women in Canada, the U.S. and Australia who say they had debilitating psychological side effects when they tried to come off domperidone, a drug that's often prescribed to help induce lactation, but isn't actually approved as a breastfeeding aid.
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'I don't know if I'm going to wake up': Mothers share stories of pregnancy-related complications

Over the course of an investigation into maternal health, CBC interviewed nearly 70 women who either came close to dying or suffered lasting trauma during pregnancy or in the months immediately after. Five women are sharing their stories in the hopes that others can learn from them.
CBC Investigates

Canada significantly undercounts maternal deaths, and doctors are sounding the alarm

Doctors are warning there is no consistent or reliable national system to collect and share information on maternal deaths and close calls. This is particularly tragic, they say, because most deaths and adverse outcomes are preventable. In the absence of government leadership, doctors are working to change that.
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Private ski club runs big surplus, buys new snow-making gear, largely thanks to federal COVID relief

An exclusive Ontario ski club recorded an $815,000 surplus last season, primarily due to federal pandemic wage support. Mansfield Ski Club has used the money for a number of capital improvements, including new snow-making equipment.
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Thefts in hospitals lead to lockup of masks, protective gear amid COVID-19 supply shortage

Many hospitals across the country are being forced to keep precious supplies of protective masks, gloves and sanitizer under lock and key, in part due to fear of theft, CBC News has learned.

Canadian government shopping for high-demand N95 masks on the international market

The Trudeau government's announcement Tuesday that it is spending up to $2 billion to procure personal protective equipment — including more than 60 million N95 masks — comes weeks into a global pandemic and raises questions about Canada's emergency preparedness. 

International students feeling isolated and financially strapped as they wait out pandemic

As universities and colleges close their campuses and ask students to leave residences in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, international students in Canada are finding themselves increasingly isolated, lonely and worried about their future.
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Pressure to have multiple babies putting surrogates 'at risk'

A three-month CBC investigation revealed that a lot of women who become surrogates feel internal and external pressure to have multiple babies. And experts warn that there isn't enough medical oversight of women who have babies in quick succession.
CBC Investigates

Why a lack of oversight of surrogacy in Canada leaves some parents feeling taken advantage of

It's illegal to pay a surrogate to carry someone else's baby in Canada. Yet, surrogacy is far from free. A CBC investigation into the industry reveals why some parents are left with serious questions about payments they made — and why they're reluctant to report their concerns. 
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After 6-month wait, cheques land on doorstep of sick Ontario worker

Mitch LaPrade has been fighting the WSIB for 11 years, arguing his chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was caused by exposure to a carcinogen called benzene. The highest level of Ontario’s workers’ compensation system ruled in his favour last fall, but his cheques only arrived this week after a CBC investigation.