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Save Old Growth campaign says it will end B.C. traffic blockades

A B.C. conservation organization, whose volunteers have blocked busy roadways in hopes of stopping old-growth logging in the province, says it is shifting strategies and ending the blockades.

Vancouver officials optimistic changes in Stanley Park are bringing aggressive coyote attacks to heel

Officials in Vancouver say a myriad of measures — brought in since Stanley Park was closed overnight late last summer to cull coyotes involved in aggressive attacks on people — are working.

Campaign to curb clothing waste reaches Metro Vancouver residents, review shows, but recycling will get harder

A review of the 'Think Thrice About Your Clothes' campaign shows it is reaching Metro Vancouver residents, but reducing clothing waste will be more difficult to do as dozens of sites stop accepting old and damaged textiles at the end of June.

Distracted driving tickets are mounting. Being unable to stay away from our phone is to blame, officials say

Despite stiff penalties, education campaigns and crashes, officials in B.C. continue to be dumbfounded by the seemingly habituated practice of using a cellphone while driving.

Bill aims to guarantee inclusion of Indigenous names on B.C. government documents

A B.C. Opposition MLA has introduced a private member's bill that, if passed, would ensure Indigenous names with the appropriate symbols and accents would be included on government documents such as birth certificates and drivers' licences.

Conservationists hope growing interest in birding will lead to increased protections

Conservation organizations are highlighting things citizens can do to help bird species in Canada, which have seen a vast reduction over the past 50 years due to habitat loss and pollution.

Taking direct action against invasive species is helping these volunteers calm their climate anxiety

People who spend their free time doing back-breaking labour to remove invasive plants from their local green spaces say it's worth it because they're doing something tangible to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Police say suspicious device caused 1-hour delay to start of Vancouver marathon

Police say an investigation into a suspicious device placed near the course of the BMO Vancouver Marathon delayed its start by an hour. It was placed to "cause panic or to disrupt the event," according to a release.

B.C. forest sector grapples with attracting workers amid regulatory overhaul, image problem: industry panel

There is concern from B.C.’s forestry industry about attracting a new generation of workers as the sector is challenged by a regulatory overhaul and ongoing bad publicity.

B.C.'s premier asks for collaboration, modernity from forestry sector as it looks to the future

For the fourth year in a row, B.C. Premier John Horgan addressed hundreds of people from the province's forest industry to underscore the importance of the sector to B.C.'s economy, and the need for collaboration as it undergoes a transition.