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Subsidized housing resident hopes for more than 'just talk' from Sudbury's mayoral candidates

Colin McKerral, a community leader and housing advocate for Sudbury's Louis Street neighbourhood,  says politicians' concerns for affordable housing is "just talk."

Town of Callander hatches plan to protect its nesting bald eagles

A nest of bald eagles in Callander, ON, will be under municipal protection despite encroaching development on the city’s waterfront, the mayor of the small northern community said.

Sudbury's youth wellness hub inching closer to reality

Sudbury’s “one stop shop” for youth services is closer to becoming a reality, as organizers solidify plans for the direction of the city’s first wellness hub. 

Sudbury 'buffer zone' bylaw could help declining dragonfly population, scientist says

In February, the City of Greater Sudbury enacted a bylaw that would create a buffer zone – an area of open land abutting a shoreline, maintained in a “naturally vegetated self-sustaining state” – between waterways and structures. 

How is northern Ontario weathering the 'Great Resignation'?

Although the ‘Great Resignation’ which has gripped other sectors hasn’t quite materialized in northern Ontario, the mining and mine supply industry will be facing its own serious labour issues in the coming years, local analysts say.

Elder abuse not on the rise, advocates say after assault in Elliot Lake, Ont.

A recent assault on a resident at an Elliot Lake, Ont., retirement home is an isolated incident and shouldn't be raising any alarm bells about care in those facilities, local advocates for seniors' care say.

Federal assault-style firearms buyback program misses target on prices, northern Ontario gun owners say

As more details about the federal government’s proposed buyback program for restricted firearms rolls out, gun owners are expressing concerns that set prices for guns miss the target.

Starbucks apologizes to Sudbury family following racist, bottle-throwing incident

A family in Sudbury says they’ve been impressed with coffee chain Starbucks’ prompt response after a barista hurled racist insults – then a pop bottle – at them while leaving the cafe.

Northern Ontario just steps away from year-round film production

Northern Ontario is ready to take the next step in its journey to becoming a year-round destination for the film industry.

Workers in hazmat suits haul 8 tonnes of spoiled meat from North Bay, Ont., butcher shop

A hazmat-suited cleanup crew is hauling away over eight tonnes of rotting meat from an abandoned butcher shop in North Bay, Ont.