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Casey Stranges is a reporter based in Sudbury.

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'No words': All varsity hockey, swim teams chopped as Laurentian University cuts continue

The varsity sports program's hockey and swim teams are the latest casualties of Laurentian University's restructuring as the Sudbury, Ont., school navigates the insolvency process. "It's really sad; there's no words," says Sudbury native Nina Kucheran, now an Olympic hopeful.

Sudbury city councillor calling for civilized discussion on social media following emoji 'riot'

A friendly reminder to remain polite during online discussions has turned into open criticism against a Sudbury city councillor.

Tour of Franklin Carmichael's landscape 'like living in a book' for Temiskaming curator

Melissa La Porte's adventure began in 2019, after putting a call-out to the public for any clues about a lost A.Y. Jackson painting, rumoured to still be in the Temiskaming area.

Sudbury bike shop owner asking patrons to be patient as product availability slows

A shortage of new bicycles and bike parts, which started around the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, hasn’t abated, a Sudbury shop owner says, and customers are becoming frustrated.

University of Sudbury pushes to become French only

L'Assemblée de la francophonie de l'Ontario (AFO), a group representing Franco-Ontarians, has thrown its support behind the University of Sudbury in its push to become a French-only school.

Icebreaking operations in full swing on Great Lakes, Coast Guard says

Commanding Officer Travis Borchuk of the Canadian Coast Guard says the first time he was aboard an ice breaker was as an 18-year-old cadet aboard the CCGS Louis St-Laurent on the Arctic Ocean.

SNOLAB director Nigel Smith steps down as head of research centre in Sudbury

Nigel Smith is stepping down after 12 years as executive director of SNOLAB, the underground particle lab. 

Northern Ontario gun dealers say details on federal buyback program are thin

Gun owners in northern Ontario hoping to hear more about the federal government’s buyback program will continue to wait. 

Watch as the Stobie Mine head frame is blasted from the Sudbury skyline

A landmark on Sudbury's skyline was demolished on Thursday.

David Popescu of Sudbury guilty of willfully promoting hatred, judge says

David Pospecu, the Sudbury man who distributed DVDs calling for then-Premier Kathleen Wynne to be put to death, was found guilty in Sudbury court of willfully promoting hatred.