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Carolyn Dunn is a longtime national reporter for CBC News. Her Canadian postings and assignments have taken her from St. John's to Calgary. She has reported extensively abroad including East, West and North Africa and has done several tours in Afghanistan. Have a story tip? Email

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Instacart answering fewer questions than ever about puzzling drop in shoppers' pay

Instacart shoppers are again questioning whether they're being paid correctly. The grocery delivery giant says it’s all accurate and according to their contracts, but it also no longer shows shoppers a mileage breakdown of their pay, so they have to take the company’s word for it.
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Hyundai bursts into flames after routine servicing

An Ontario man's car burst into flames right after routine servicing, and there was seemingly no investigation by the dealership or insurance company. One safety expert says this highlights a gap in road safety regulations, but Transport Canada says new rules are on the way.

Travel insurance giant refuses payout, claiming Ontario man's COVID not severe enough

Despite having COVID-19 emergency medical coverage, an Ontario man's insurance claim was denied after he tested positive while vacationing in Antigua. Why? He wasn't sick enough to qualify. But one lawyer says the policy was clear and Manulife was wrong to reject the claim.

Edmonton man could see private data of other Brinks customers through his home security system — for months

An Edmonton man was surprised to find he could see the private information of other Brinks home security customers through the Brinks system in his house. He was even more surprised it took Brinks months to fix it, even after he repeatedly called to alert them.

Renter finds out 'guaranteed' U-Haul reservation isn't guaranteed

Sam Everitt, who recently moved from Montreal to Toronto, discovered his “guaranteed” U-Haul reservation didn’t actually guarantee him a moving truck when and where he expected. The resulting hassle took hours and cost him hundreds of dollars. And he's not alone.

This blind man has been fighting for years to get 'talking prescriptions' at his local pharmacy

A Gatineau, Que. man, who is blind, has been fighting for five years to get 'talking prescription' service at his local Rexall, which the company has promised but not yet delivered.
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Former Alberta justice minister, ex-law partner accused of conflict of interest in Kamikaze campaign probe

Former Alberta justice minister Jonathan Denis and his ex-law partner Dale Fedorchuk have been accused of conflict of interest in connection with the Kamikaze campaign investigation — and of making one client "the scapegoat" for another: United Conservative Party heavyweight Jeff Callaway. 

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney present for money discussions in sham leadership campaign: witnesses

Despite claims to the contrary, witnesses say Jason Kenney was, at a minimum, present for money discussions about funding Jeff Callaway's campaign for the UCP leadership, set specific conditions of his own and even gave Callaway a gift at a thank you party after he dropped out of the race.

How Canada's largest solar farm is changing Alberta's landscape

The largest solar project in the country will have 1.3 million solar panels over 3,300 acres of farmland. When it's done, it will put enough electricity directly in to the grid to power the equivalent of 150,000 homes.

Alberta MLA was monitored by 5 different police officers, documents show

Over the last four years, Lethbridge NDP MLA Shannon Phillips has had suspicions that some members of the city’s police force have been monitoring her. A cache of newly released documents shows she was right.