Carmen Merrifield

Current affairs producer for The National

Carmen Merrifield is a producer with CBC's The National. She has produced news, current affairs and documentaries for CBC throughout Canada, the U.S., Latin America, Afghanistan and Europe.

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Breakaway Republican strategists work against Trump's campaign through blistering Lincoln Project ads

Group's 'go low' strategy, once directed against Democrats, is a source of debate.

What's changed to protect women since Harvey Weinstein's accusers went public?: 'Everything … and nothing'

Silence continues to be sought through legal non-disclosure agreements in cases of sexual harassment in the workplace, and two of Harvey Weinstein's accusers describe the effects these types of NDAs have had on them.

Federal election easy prey for social media manipulators, experts warn

Social media platforms are actively circulating false information designed to manipulate voters in the run-up to the Canadian federal election, experts warn.

How deep is the political divide over Trump? Check out Ohio's midterm 'toss up' district

In the traditional Republican stronghold of Ohio's 12th district, what was once a sure GOP win is now so close it could go either way in the midterm election. CBC News talked to local voters to get a sense of why political feelings seem to be shifting.
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'Every day here we are waiting to die': Mexican journalist detained in U.S. fears for life

Emilio Gutiérrez-Soto was a journalist in Mexico, writing about corruption in the military, until his life was repeatedly threatened by the army. He fled with his son and sought asylum in the U.S., but now he's been detained by immigration authorities and fears for his life.

'The fight has just begun': Gloria Allred, tough-talking attorney and feminist, reveals what drives her

Gloria Allred, perhaps the most famous attorney in the United States advocating for women, offers her perspective on the Bill Cosby verdict, the #MeToo movement, and her controversial approach to practicing law.

A Syrian family's long journey to Canada

When the Farwan family left Daraa, Syria, more than three years ago, they never thought they would end up in the Canadian Prairies. The CBC picked up their journey seven months ago as they were preparing to leave their temporary home in Jordan for Lethbridge, Alta. Trace their extraordinary voyage through photos and video.