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Brooks DeCillia spent 20 years reporting and producing news at CBC. These days, he’s an assistant professor with Mount Royal University’s School of Communication Studies.

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How ideology, partisanship and competence best explain UCP vote in Alberta

Statistical analysis of Vote Compass data reveals the factors that propelled Albertans to vote for the UCP and the NDP.

Vote Compass users hold their noses and vote for the least worst candidate

Sixty-four percent of decided voters tell CBC News’ voter engagement tool they voted for for a candidate because the alternative is worse.

CBC News poll suggests United Conservative Party headed for victory in Alberta

After trailing in the polls for years, the United Conservative Party appears poised to win a majority next Monday, according to a new CBC News poll.

Alberta's post-truth election? Why trust may not matter anymore

Accused by her opponent of breaking the law, Danielle Smith looked squarely into the camera in last week’s provincial leaders’ debate and told Albertans the ethics commissioner’s findings “confirmed that I did not direct or interfere in any COVID related cases.” 

Most UCP supporters in Alberta more moderate than party: Vote Compass

Data from our voter engagement tool suggests majority of UCP supporters hold more moderate social and economic views than the party’s actual policy platform, while the NDP's policy platform is more moderate than its supporters' views.

NDP's Notley seen as better able to respond in a disaster than UCP's Smith: Vote Compass

Nearly half of respondents chose Notley, while 15% chose Smith — and many don't know who would be best.

Explaining Calgary's orange crush on the NDP

In-depth statistical analysis reveals factors that influence why some Calgarians are flirting with voting NDP while others are remaining loyal to the UCP.

Danielle Smith is losing Alberta's moderate middle. Now she'll try to reclaim them

There's a disconnect between Smith's fiery rhetoric and the more moderate values of most Albertans, a dive into new polling data reveals.

Danielle Smith talks Ottawa. Albertans have health and inflation on their minds

Four in 10 Albertans say health is a major issue facing Albertans, a new CBC News poll suggests. Federal issues lag well behind.

Where are all the places Canadians would feel most comfortable living? New poll answers Kenney's question

A new national poll answers the question Alberta Premier Jason Kenney asked last month while criticizing a survey of 1,512 Canadians that suggested half of Canadians say they'd feel comfortable living in Alberta.