Brooks DeCillia

Political researcher

Brooks DeCillia spent 20 years reporting and producing news at CBC. He splits his time now between researching public opinion about energy and the environment at the University of Calgary and teaching journalism at Mount Royal University.

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Albertans divided on remedy for coming 'fiscal reckoning,' says poll

Experts say Alberta’s mounting deficit means hard choices are coming, but a new CBC News poll suggests Albertans remain divided about the best remedy for the coming “reckoning.”

Fair Deal panel report underlines challenges for Kenney when rhetoric meets reality

Jason Kenney's handling of the Fair Deal panel’s recommendations suggests the government knows it doesn’t have the public onside with the big recommendations contained in the report yet.

CBC News poll: Kenney, UCP would handily win election if held now

A new CBC News-Road Ahead poll suggests that, even though UCP support is down from last year’s election, it's still high enough to capture another majority government.

CBC News poll: Why the economic crisis could speed up transition to renewable energy

A new poll for CBC News suggests 79 per cent of Albertans think the province should transition toward renewable energy.

CBC News Poll: In experts we trust (at least, more than we used to)

A new poll for CBC News suggests that even before COVID-19 spread across the globe, Albertans’ trust in experts was on the rise.

CBC News poll: Albertans were already anxious. Then, the floor dropped out

A new CBC News poll finds that seven in 10 Albertans think the provincial economy is getting worse.

In defence of climate change 'hypocrisy'

Why it’s nonsensical to suggest that having a carbon footprint means you can’t legitimately raise concerns about climate change and its potential dire ramifications.

OPINION | Why Kenney's honeymoon popularity may last less than 9 months

Jason Kenney should savour these days, political analysts say, as the "glow that comes with winning" almost invariably gets tarnished by the weight of governing.

How rural, religious and other identities affect the way Albertans vote

"It becomes, ‘my party, no matter what,'" writes Brooks DeCillia. "And so the nuances of party platforms, even ones that appeal directly to rural voters, arguably don’t matter."

OPINION | In this election, we're not talking about challenges we actually face

"Political parties, for the most part, want to avoid the sticky mess of serious debate. But politicians can’t always escape the tough questions.” Political researcher Brooks Decillia on the Alberta election.