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Briar Stewart is a correspondent for CBC News. She has been covering Canada and beyond for more than 15 years and can be reached at or on Twitter @briarstewart

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In Turkey's earthquake-ravaged Antakya, residents wonder why city wasn't better prepared

As crews continue to demolish buildings in the province of Hatay, officials are warning that the Istanbul region is due for a major earthquake.

She survived Turkey's deadly earthquake, but 4 months on, finding hope is 'difficult'

Three months after Özlem Ayna was rescued from the rubble left by a devastating earthquake in Adiyaman, Turkey, she still frequently feels trapped and has barely left the hospital.

Energized opposition and poor economy could spell defeat for Turkey's long-time leader

Turkish citizens will vote in elections on Sunday, and polls suggest Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been in power for two decades, may be defeated.

In Liverpool, Eurovision Song Contest, not the King's coronation, is the big ticket in town

Throughout Liverpool, flags and banners are promoting a major celebration that will draw in millions of international viewers — but it's not the coronation of King Charles III. Instead, the city, with its anti-monarchist bent, will be hosting the popular Eurovision Song Contest, with singers from 37 countries.

Ukrainian soldiers have been fighting at the front for months. Now they're being sent for mental health help

A health centre set up near the Kharkiv region is offering physiotherapy and counselling to Ukrainian soldiers who've spent months fighting on the front lines and are dealing with mental health issues stemming from their time in battle. 

Russian journalist Vladimir Kara-Murza given 25-year sentence for treason

A top Kremlin foe was convicted Monday on charges of treason and denigrating the Russian military and sentenced to 25 years in prison after a trial that marked the latest move in a relentless crackdown on the opposition amid the fighting in Ukraine.

A new law makes it harder for Russians to dodge the draft

Russia has enacted a new law that will see conscription and mobilization notices handed out electronically.

Russia is accused of deporting thousands of Ukrainian children. 17 returned home this week

This week, 17 children were brought back to Ukraine from Crimea, where they were staying in camps and at a special boarding school after being taken there by Russian authorities.

Russia says little about its soldiers dying, so an open-source team is trying to keep track

A team of volunteers and journalists is trying to keep track of the number of Russian soldiers and Wagner fighters being killed in Ukraine.

As war in Ukraine enters 2nd year, compliance with economic sanctions on Russia is key: experts

With several rounds of sanctions already in effect, a former deputy minister of energy for the Russian government says there needs to be an increase in monitoring compliance if NATO countries are serious about squeezing Russia's ability to fund and fight the war.