Brian Stewart

Canada and abroad

Brian Stewart is one of this country's most experienced journalists and foreign correspondents. He sits on the advisory board of Human Rights Watch Canada. He was also a Distinguished Senior Fellow at the Munk School for Global Affairs at the University of Toronto. In almost four decades of reporting, he has covered many of the world's conflicts and reported from 10 war zones, from El Salvador to Beirut and Afghanistan.

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Hindsight defence is no defence at all

Of all the Chilcot report’s findings, special notice must be taken of its vigorous ripping apart of the hindsight defence — that great refuge of politicians following disasters, when they shrug sadly with an “If only we’d known then what we know now…”

Why the spy trade is such a booming industry: Brian Stewart

The alleged Russian plot that targeted the U.S. presidential election has raised concerns we’re headed for Cold War levels of spying, but there’s actually plenty of evidence the world soared past that point years ago.

'Without precedent in modern times': Why the world's vortex of crises will keep swirling in 2017

Last year was one wild, unpredictable and unforgettable ride, but 2017 could well be as frighteningly full of shocks, with everything from global trade wars to a new nuclear arms race potentially on the horizon, Brian Stewart writes.

More than just hacks: Russia's 'hybrid warfare' has been targeting western Europe for months

To view the cyberattacks on Hillary Clinton's presidential election campaign as a unique offence — as many Americans seem to do — is to miss the full picture, Brian Stewart writes.

Once Mosul is recaptured from ISIS, what then?: Brian Stewart

The campaign to free Mosul from ISIS is one for the books — a tactical nightmare placed on top of an active political volcano.

Turkey's purged post-coup military has NATO allies nervous: Brian Stewart

Just over two months after the failed coup in Turkey, President Recep Erdogan's relentless purges of many layers of society are putting the country's fragile democracy under extraordinary strain.

Chaos could be the reward of victory over ISIS in Iraq: Brian Stewart

It’s one of the grimmest ironies of war in Iraq: The advance of ISIS two years ago terrified foreign governments, but the steady retreat of the same jihadist group now makes diplomats nervous about what’s next.

'A very dangerous game': Russia vs. Ukraine showdown reaches risky new level

The tension flare-ups just keep coming in the armed confrontation between Ukraine and Russia and now the military buildup at the borders has reached the most dangerous level in two years, Brian Stewart writes.

Trudeau government taking a long look at precarious peacekeeping options: Brian Stewart

It's not surprising the Liberal government is having a difficult time deciding where and how best to fulfil its election pledge to lead Canada back into significant peacekeeping — there is simply no shortage of potentially life-or-death factors to consider.

Expect more instability in aftermath of failed coup in Turkey: Brian Stewart

In all the drama of the failed coup attempt, there could be no doubt this partial military uprising will be a brutal setback for Turkey and for already slim hopes for stability in the Middle East.