Bob Mersereau

Music columnist

Bob Mersereau has been covering music and the East Coast Music scene since 1985 for CBC. He is also the author of three books on music: The Top 100 Canadian Albums (2007), The Top 100 Canadian Singles (2010) and The History of Canadian Rock 'n' Roll (2015).

Latest from Bob Mersereau

The kid meets the classic: Two biggest stars of Acadian music team up

You couldn't find two bigger stars of Acadian music, despite the half-century between them. 

Matt Andersen going ahead with Manchester concert Wednesday night

New Brunswick singer Matt Andersen is on tour in Europe and the U.K., with a show scheduled for Manchester just two days after the terrorist bombing. It's become a fundraiser.

Breakfast deals at ECMAs, where mornings are about business

For some ECMA artists, the biggest show they play at the event can be early in the morning for the international delegates.

Matt Andersen leads blues acts named for 2017 Harvest festival

Matt Andersen and a lot of other returning favourites have been announced for the 2017 Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival.

Best gig at ECMA's: The Flocase

The best performances of the East Coast Music Awards are often in front of some of the smallest crowds in surprise locations.

Gallant, Macmillan win second trophies at ECMAs in Saint John

Second trophies for Lennie Gallant and Scott Macmillan were among the highlights at the East Coast Music Awards in Saint John Saturday and Sunday.

Ria Mae, Classified rack up more ECMA wins

There were double wins for Halifax singer Ria Mae and artist/producer Classified as more trophies were handed out at the 2017 East Coast Music Awards in Saint John.

Serge Brideau, outrageous frontman for ECMA winners Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire

Moncton rockers Les Hôtesses d'Hilaire, winners of two ECMAs in Saint John this week, feature the zany frontman Serge Brideau.

Acadian rockers, favourite folkies rule East Coast Music Awards

Colourful Acadian group Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire shared ECMA wins with pop star Ria Mae, banjo player Old Man Luedecke and a host of Atlantic Canadian talent.

East Coast's biggest music star? It's Lisa LeBlanc

It might come as a surprise to some music fans, but the biggest star by far on the East Coast is Acadian trash-folk singer Lisa LeBlanc from Rosaireville, N.B.