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Bob McKeown has a record few Canadian journalists can match -- two Emmys, three Geminis and a Grey Cup, won when he was an all-star centre with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the CFL.

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How Canada has been helping China hunt for fugitives for decades

Earlier this year, politicians in Ottawa decried the reported existence of several alleged Chinese police stations in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. But Canadian officials were already well aware of Chinese police operations in Canada.
The Fifth Estate

First police investigation of junior hockey players in sex assault case 'cursory at best,' expert says

When police in London, Ont., carried out two separate investigations into the 2018 sexual assault allegations that have rocked Hockey Canada, they examined the same incident, but came to different conclusions.
The Fifth Estate

NHL stars mum on gambling endorsement deals

Three hockey stars contacted by CBC's The Fifth Estate as part of an investigation into sports betting in Canada refused to talk about their brands despite their reported multimillion-dollar deals to do exactly that.

New sex abuse allegations target son of former headmaster at now-closed Christian boarding school

More former students of a now-shuttered Christian boarding school in eastern Ontario are coming forward with allegations of sexual abuse against a son of the former headmaster, fearing he continues to be a danger to children.

How a failed deal with China to produce a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine wasted months and millions

The federal government’s failed collaboration with a vaccine manufacturing company in China early in the pandemic has led to a delay of nearly two years in efforts to create a made-in-Canada COVID-19 vaccine.

Secret Nygard videos show former fashion mogul charged with sex trafficking travelling with teenage girl

Hours of behind-the-scenes video shot by a whistleblower show former Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard, who is alleged to have abused women and girls for decades, screaming at his employees and approaching a 16-year-old girl at the London Olympics.

'Just a matter of time': Police pursue 'significant' number of new tips in Muskoka mystery of missing seniors

After two decades, the Ontario Provincial Police have received substantial tips that are helping them advance their investigation into what happened to four seniors who disappeared from the province's Muskoka region in the late 1990s, The Fifth Estate has learned.

Killer of Tanya Van Cuylenborg and Jay Cook gets 2 life sentences for 1987 murders

William Talbott II, 56, is the first person to ever be convicted as a result of genealogy research.

Humboldt crash happened long after internal Transport Canada report warned of injury risk on coach buses

An internal Transport Canada investigation into a fatal crash in 2001 concluded that coach buses without seatbelts may put passengers at “unnecessary risk” of injuries, yet the document was kept hidden for years until The Fifth Estate recently uncovered it using the Access to Information Act.

Internal Transport Canada study showed school buses 'failed' safety tests

A 2010 Transport Canada report that revealed that school buses “failed” safety tests and did not do enough to prevent “serious injuries” was kept hidden from the public,The Fifth Estate has learned.