Betsy Longchap

Betsy Longchap is Eenouch from the Cree community of Mistissini in northern Quebec. She brings a keen storytelling ability to her role as a senior radio host and journalist with the CBC North Cree unit in Montreal. Most recently, she co-hosted CBC's first Cree-language podcast, Wiih'teh.

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Muslim community centre and mosque opens in northern Quebec

A Quebecer with Cree and Algerian roots is the driving force behind what is thought to be the first Muslim community centre and mosque in the northern Quebec mining town of Chibougaumau.

Some Cree feel left out of COVID-19 vaccination campaign

The Cree health board began a regional vaccination campaign in mid-January in the nine Cree communities which make up Quebec Ministry of health's region 18. Those who live outside region 18, have yet to get access to the vaccine.

Virtual sharing circles among efforts to help ease COVID-19 isolation in northern Quebec

Health officials in northern Quebec have started organizing virtual sharing circles as a way to help people cope while self-isolating or struggling because of COVID-19. 

Beaded COVID-19 mask honours Cree and Indigenous communities' response to pandemic

A talented beader from northern Quebec has created a COVID-19 mask to pay tribute to how Cree and other Indigenous communities are dealing with the pandemic. 

Cree School Board suspends in-school learning until at least the fall

Schools in northern Quebec Cree communities will remain closed until at least the fall, a decision announced late yesterday by the Cree School Board executive committee and made in collaboration with local government and health officials. 

Northern Quebec hip-hop group invites Indigenous youth to show off dance moves

The idea behind the #showmeyourstyle contest was to give young people stuck at home because of COVID-19 something positive to do, and to give Indigenous youth a platform to showcase their dancing talent.

4 cases of COVID-19 among Cree reported in territory and Montreal

There are now four cases of COVID-19 among Cree in Quebec — three in communities in northern Quebec and one case involving a Cree patient in Montreal. 

Cree officials ask goose hunters to stay close to home over COVID-19 concerns

The Cree Trappers Association and the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay have issued a joint statement asking hunters to abandon plans to hunt in the South this year in places near Montreal and Ottawa, such as Alfred, Ontario, over concerns about COVID-19. 

Cree leaders work to calm fears over surprising $4.7B infrastructure deal

Cree leaders in Quebec are focused on reassuring a jittery population after announcing a far-reaching economic development agreement with Quebec regarding massive infrastructure improvements in the territory over the next 30 years and, very likely, more resource extraction projects.

$4.7B 'Grande Alliance' agreement in northern Quebec is called Cree vision of development

The Grand Council of the Crees says the Grande Alliance, a $4.7 billion economic development project announced Monday, is the Cree vision of development and represents a 'clear break from the past colonial and paternalistic government policies' that kept their communities undeveloped.