Anis Heydari

Senior Reporter

Anis Heydari is a senior business reporter at CBC News. Prior to that, he was on the founding team of CBC Radio's "The Cost of Living" and has also reported for NPR's "The Indicator from Planet Money." He's lived and worked in Edmonton, Edinburgh, southwestern Ontario and Toronto, and is currently based in Calgary. Email him at

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Canada's voluntary AI code of conduct is coming — not everyone is enthused

A new code of conduct is set to govern how AI is developed in Canada. But it's voluntary, and despite immediate support from big players in the business, there are also concerns it could stifle innovation and the ability to compete with companies based outside of Canada.

Is that $5 coffee actually free? How TikTok's 'girl math' trend is changing the online money conversation

Money talk is becoming more popular on TikTok — including "girl math" videos that explain the logic behind financial decisions ranging from daily coffee purchases to dropping thousands on Taylor Swift tickets. Financial advisers say the videos can actually encourage people to be transparent about how they make spending decisions.

Streaming services are getting more expensive — and experts say higher prices are here to stay

There are more options to stream TV shows, movies and music these days. But with more options, come higher monthly costs, and media industry watchers say the days of the cheap, one-stop streaming shop are gone — and won't be coming back.

Want to buy a house in Calgary? You're not alone. Why the city's booming despite high interest rates

Higher interest rates don't seem to have had a big impact on home sales in Calgary, where house prices have been climbing for the seventh straight month. Economists and those in the real estate industry pin it on increased demand from newcomers to the city, combined with a lack of homes on the market.

LGBTQ beer ads are old hat — despite new troubles for Bud Light

Sales are dropping for Bud Light as it continues to face challenges after featuring a transgender social media star in a short advertisement. But beer companies have campaigned featuring LGBTQ people for years.

Netflix still charging Canadians who share passwords but not Americans — for now

The extra fee Canadians pay Netflix for the privilege of sharing their passwords with others across multiple locations was supposed to roll out for U.S. customers months ago. Analysts say Netflix is delaying charging Americans due to fears of backlash.

The government wants to toss 'junk fees' in the garbage

Federal governments in both Canada and the U.S. are targeting consumer surcharges, such as event fees, which often surprise buyers with increased costs at the end of a transaction. But while advocacy groups on both sides of the border welcome a crackdown, they say enforcement is also key.

Beer prices are bubbling up from more than taxes

The cost of a pint of beer has been going up in Canada, and faster than it used to. But a federal government alcohol tax increase in last month’s budget is just one — extremely small — part of the price Canadians pay.

The blue check thumbs-up process is changing. Here's how social media users may be affected

The blue checkmark is a familiar internet icon that confirms the user displaying it is verified in some way. But changes to the way those badges are awarded could affect how businesses and consumers interact online, social media watchers say.

Why Air Miles needs more than just a new owner to appeal to customers

Air Miles collectors worried about their points as bankruptcy proceedings loom for the program's current owners may have their fears eased due to BMO's proposed purchase of the system. But Air Miles carries significant financial baggage a bank may have to work harder to handle.