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Angela MacIvor is CBC Nova Scotia's investigative reporter. She has been with CBC since 2006 as a reporter and producer in all three Maritime provinces. All news tips welcome. Send an email to

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How the N.S. gunman got his weapons and who may have helped him in Maine

The gunman who killed 22 people in April 2020 obtained some of the firearms he used in Maine and smuggled them into Canada. A CBC News investigation looks at how that happened and why people who knew the shooter may have violated U.S. laws.

RCMP officers describe how they killed Portapique gunman

Two Nova Scotia RCMP officers who spotted the gunman responsible for killing 22 people in April 2020 describe how they stumbled upon him at a gas station, quickly identified him, and ended his life.

Daughter of N.S. mass shooting victim says RCMP didn't let her say goodbye

Heather O’Brien and her Victorian Order of Nurses colleague Kristen Beaton were both shot in their vehicles along the same stretch of road in Debert, N.S. on April 19, 2020. One of O’Brien’s daughters arrived on the scene within minutes, and believes she was still alive when RCMP officers told her to leave.

RCMP officers tell N.S. mass shooting inquiry they 'tried their best' amid mayhem

Constables Stuart Beselt, Adam Merchant and Aaron Patton testified together on Monday at the inquiry examining the Nova Scotia mass shooting of April 2020 that killed 22 people.

Spouse of N.S. gunman describes how he unravelled weeks before mass killing

Lisa Banfield spent hours recounting her relationship and impressions of Gabriel Wortman to RCMP officers in the days after he went on his murderous rampage in April, 2020.

N.S. premier, federal minister criticize mass shooting inquiry on first day

As public hearings for the mass shooting inquiry get underway in Nova Scotia, provincial and federal politicians are blasting the commission for not being transparent with the families of victims who died.

Grieving mother pushes for mental health walk-in clinics in N.S.

Over a period of five years, Laureen Rushton estimates her son, Lucas, tried accessing mental health services at least 50 times. Nothing seemed to work, which is why Rushton is now pushing the Nova Scotia government to open walk-in mental health clinics, separate from emergency departments.

As mental health calls spike across Nova Scotia, police force pleads for help

A CBC News analysis shows that as the pandemic took hold in 2020, municipal police departments across Nova Scotia responded to roughly 20 per cent more mental health crisis calls.
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Suicidal and waiting 2 years for help. A look at N.S.'s growing mental health crisis

A CBC News investigation reveals that, while psychiatrists and inpatient services in Nova Scotia are stretched to capacity, the number of people seeking help during a mental health crisis has risen by 30 per cent since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.
CBC Investigates

Teen says she didn't feel safe in adult psychiatric ward

Lola Trembath, 18, has a history of suicide risk. She was recently in the adult inpatient psychiatric unit in Fredericton but would prefer to be treated as a youth. She feels unsafe in the adult unit, which has unlocked showers and shared rooms.