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Andrew Davidson is a senior producer with CBC News in Toronto.

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Bikes took a back seat at COP26. Advocates urge Canada to make them a priority in its climate plan

The COP26 summit has ignored bicycles as one of the cheapest and most efficient tools to fight climate change by focusing almost entirely on promoting a global shift to electric cars, cycling advocates say. 

Canada to spend $15.7B on new coast guard ships, Trudeau says

Canada plans to build up to 18 new coast guard ships at a cost of $15.7 billion in an effort to renew Canada's Coast Guard fleet,  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday.

Tim Krul ushers in World Cup's revenge of the goalkeeper

Brazil's 2014 World Cup started with a binge of goals. There were too many to count. But lo and behold, we have arrived at the moment of the keeper's revenge, Andrew Davidson writes.

Luis Suarez bites his way to World Cup infamy

Luis Suarez could have exited Brazil's World Cup a giant killer, a leading goalscorer and a redeemed figure at the top of his game. Now he's probably leaving as a punchline, Andrew Davidson writes.

What might Obama's legacy be after 4 more years?

As jubilant Democrats celebrated the re-election of Barack Obama at his victory party in Chicago, talk quickly turned to how the U.S. president's legacy hinges on his next four years in office — and how compromise will be crucial in issues ranging from avoiding another recession to taking the lead on climate change.

5 swing states that could decide the Obama-Romney race

The 2012 U.S. presidential election campaign finally comes down to election day and a handful of battleground states that will decide whether Barack Obama gets another four years in office or Mitt Romney replaces him.

Can black America withstand an Obama loss?

Four years ago, Chicago soared, and so did most of the world along with it, when favourite son Barack Obama became America's first black president. Today, though, with an unexpectedly tight race, Chicago's black community is trying not to think the worst, Andrew Davidson reports.

Romney puts faith, family in pitch to U.S. voters

U.S. Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney's acceptance speech offered an inclusive final message that voters disenchanted with four years of Barack Obama "deserve better."

Mitt Romney readies speech of a lifetime

Mitt Romney is preparing one of the most important speeches of his career for tonight's Republican National Convention. His talk is expected to last 40 minutes and draw an audience of 40 million viewers.

As Romney gets GOP nod, future stars await

Mitt Romney, the newly minted Republican presidential nominee, will hear supportive speeches today from those who might try to follow his path to the nomination in the future.