Andrea McGuire

Andrea McGuire is a journalist in St. John's.

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'The Gander Project': How a musical led these Texas students to write letters to N.L.

For junior high students learning English in Texas, the story of Gander's 9/11 response truly resonates.
9/11: 20 Years Later

N.L. famously embraced the world on 9/11. There's an untold story about what happened before

The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are globally renowned for their kindness during 9/11. But according to a Gander author and a Red Cross volunteer, that response owes much to decades of assisting air crash victims and refugees.
From the Ground Up

From lawn to Foggy Food Forest: How this family is creating an edible landscape

Jonas Roberts and his family are following nature’s cues at their Foggy Food Forest in St. Philip’s.

Return-to-school plan 'more like a huge leap of faith,' parent says

Though many welcome the return to classroom learning, others are troubled by the lack of vaccination and masking requirements.

Newcomer working in N.L.? This prof wants to hear from you

The Association for New Canadians and professor Tony Fang are looking to speak with newcomers about their experiences working in Newfoundland and Labrador.

They created a mobile food bank. Now the family behind NL Eats is leaving the province

After creating multiple food security projects, the family behind NL Eats is bidding farewell to Newfoundland and Labrador, at least for now.

How this couple is reusing wood byproducts as firewood for Labrador's north coast

Titjaluk Logistics is salvaging scrap wood from Northern Peninsula sawmills to help Nunatsiavut residents heat their homes.

Long wait for a driving test in N.L.? You're not alone

With no slots available in St. John's, Harbour Grace or Clarenville during the month of July, one would-be driver booked a road test hours away in Marystown.

Tattoos that heal: How this artist is transforming the scars of self-harm

St. John's tattoo artist Laura Casey is helping people reclaim power over their scars.

How could basic income work in N.L.? This coalition has a plan

Community organizations released a policy paper this week to spark conversations about basic income in the province.