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Andre Mayer is a features writer and editor at He is also the editor of the environmental newsletter What on Earth?, which won a Digital Publishing Award in 2019 for best editorial newsletter. You can contact him at

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Oil has long been used as a geopolitical weapon. Could electrified transport change that?

If we want to slow the pace of global warming, one crucial step is moving from a transportation system run on fossil fuels to one powered by electricity. It’s possible that doing so might neutralize other toxic aspects of the petroleum industry, such as volatile prices and armed conflict.

Why corporate profiteering could be helping fuel inflation

Economists have attributed inflation to a variety of factors, including supply chain disruptions and labour shortages, but there is a growing sense, particularly in the U.S., that some companies are taking advantage of inflation anxiety to raise prices.

Buying our way out of pandemic malaise is hurting the planet, experts say

The destruction we're witnessing this summer, fuelled by decades of environmental stress, is coming at a time when politicians and marketers alike are encouraging us to spend — whether it's at the mall, at the car dealership or on so-called revenge travel.

How COVID-19 could change the way cities look and operate after the lockdowns

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 are already reshaping urban areas, and some cities have rolled out ambitious plans to make some of the changes more permanent.

Why a 'just transition' doesn't have to pit jobs against the environment

Some politicians and business leaders say that climate change presents a binary choice between preserving jobs or the environment. But a lot of working-class people don't see it that way.

Rob Ford, former Toronto mayor, dead at 46

Rob Ford, the former Toronto mayor who polarized voters with his brash, uncompromising political style and became an international celebrity for his drug and alcohol use while in office, has died.

Who needs love, anyway? A Valentine's Day quiz for cynics

Tired of all the hoopla surrounding Valentine's Day? Take our anti-Valentine's quiz.

Despite ISIS attacks, Turkey focused on 'the Kurdish problem'

Analysts say that rather than focusing on the threat posed by ISIS, the Turkish government has been using recent attacks as a political lever to continue to demonize Kurdish separatists.

How David Bowie 'changed the rules' and inspired the LGBT community

David Bowie, the legendary musician and global cultural icon who died Sunday at the age of 69, inspired and empowered many young people who felt they didn't fit the heterosexual mould or the conventional binaries of male and female.

ISIS: 5 essential things to know about the jihadi group's ideology

Recent terror attacks in Paris, Beirut and Ankara are unsettling evidence of ISIS’s power to destabilize foreign countries. A closer look at the group’s ideology may help explain its often confounding approach.