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Policing in flux across B.C., as political promises prove difficult to implement

Police officers say political promises to hire and rehire staff in various B.C. police detachments may not be as straightforward as political leaders thought.

Remembrance Day ceremonies held in B.C. draw those with families touched by war

Ceremonies at cenotaphs around B.C. marked Remembrance Day on Friday, when there was a moment of silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month.

Vancouver club will continue to distribute hard drugs in bid to save lives, despite Health Canada rejection

Organizers of a Vancouver compassion club say they will continue to distribute tested cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine despite a rejection from Health Canada, calling it the only way to save lives in the face of a toxic drug supply.

Concern for B.C. sockeye salmon as Fraser River return estimates drop by millions

The Pacific Salmon Commission's pre-season estimate of 9.8 million returning fish went down to 5.5 million Monday, prompting environmentalists and fishers alike to express concern.

Vancouver hosts conference that will see physicists try to crack the theory of everything

Some of the world's brightest minds are gathering in Vancouver this week to try to solve a question that has baffled physicists for decades.

Pilot in crash that killed 2 wanted men was reported for improper registration, B.C. instructor says

A British Columbia flight instructor alleges the pilot of a plane that crashed in northern Ontario with two wanted men on board had been advertising flight tours on a plane that wasn't registered for commercial use.

Alert Ready system to be in place for B.C. wildfires by June but not for heat domes

Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says an automated alert system will be ready to warn British Columbia residents of spring flooding and summer wildfires but not for extreme heat.

B.C. flood survivor warns others to check insurance amid increase in climate disasters

Pam Velt thought she was fully insured. But after the November 2021 floods wiped out her property in the Nicola Valley, she was shocked at the payout amount from her overland flood insurance.

B.C. communities struck by wildfires and floods brace for spring thaw

Major wildfires, droughts and mudslides last year dramatically altered the landscape in parts of the B.C. Interior, raising questions about the Nicola River's ability to handle the spring thaw.

After the flood: First Nations along B.C.'s Highway 8 work on recovery from disaster and trauma

Many of those who lived along B.C.'s Highway 8 say they're still very much in the thick of recovery after wildfires and floods last year. Here are some of the stories of those people and their communities.