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Amy Bell is a digital contributor to CBC. She can be heard weekdays on The Early Edition as the traffic and weather reporter and parenting columnist.

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Parental Guidance

Mother's Day can be a reminder of love — and loss

For many, Mother's Day is filled with breakfast in bed and handmade cards. For others, it is a day filled with sadness and loss.

AI and your kids: Is this new tech terrifying or a helpful tool?

It's not time to fear the robot uprising just yet, but there are concerns about how dependent kids might become on AI and how deeply the technology is already enmeshed in their lives.
Parental Guidance

Bad habits don't mean you're a bad parent

When a parent has bad habit, can they be a bad influence on their kids?
Parental Guidance

Parenting a Black child is a joyful experience filled with unique challenges, moms say

Mall security following their children in malls, assumptions they come from broken homes, and even being picked last for gym teams at school. These are all the lived experiences of parents of Black children.
Parental Guidance

Children need compassion and understanding — not punishments and judgment

Whether putting your toddler in a timeout or grounding your growing teen, disciplining kids can be a tricky thing. But is it a necessary evil or overkill?
Parental Guidance

Parenting is tough, doing it with mental health issues makes it even harder

Parenting can be one of the greatest joys of a person's life — but it can also be one of the toughest challenges they will ever face.

New year's resolutions can focus too much on losing weight — and losing joy. That's a bad example for our kids

The new year can bring a new focus on dieting and exercise. But a lot of the time these goals aren't about fitness — they're about fitting into a very idealized and narrow view of what is attractive.

Christmas isn't a joyful and bright time for everyone, but a few meaningful actions can help

It's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for many families the holidays can be a struggle — physically, emotionally and financially.

The honest truth? Most children lie — and that's just part of growing up

Most kids lie. When they're little, it's rather ridiculous — we know they didn't really see a unicorn at the park. But as they get older those lies can become more complex, and more disappointing. Why is it so common?
Parental Guidance

Is your child the next big thing? Likely not. And that's OK

Your child may be talented, but does that mean you have to dedicate time and money to those skills?