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Amy Bell is a digital contributor to CBC. She can be heard weekdays on The Early Edition as the traffic and weather reporter and parenting columnist.

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Parental Guidance

Summer camps can be a great place for kids to explore new things — and give parents a break

Summer camps offer kids a place to explore their interests, learn to express themselves, and connect with others, writes Amy Bell.
Parental Guidance

From housing crisis to climate crisis, the future looks uncertain for our kids. How do we prepare them for it?

With a pandemic, one environmental disaster after another and war in Europe, it's been hard to find hope or to imagine what the world will look like as our children grow up. 

Reproductive rights should be a vital part of sex ed — and that means talking to your kids about abortion

What's happening in the U.S. regarding restrictions to abortions has led to some parents fielding, or perhaps avoiding, questions about reproductive rights.

Let's allow teens to press pause on post-secondary plans if they're not sure of their path

High school students are still kids. So why do we expect them to make choices about their future careers, starting with post-secondary education? 

We can't just hope our kids won't try drugs. We need to be open and honest with them on the issue

As parents, we can't just pretend our children won't be exposed to drugs, or that they'll never have to make a choice about whether to take them. So what can we do?
Parental Guidance

Friendships are an important part of childhood, but should parents play a role?

Friendship is an important part of a child's life, and it can be both heartwarming and heartbreaking. But it also provides lessons that parents need to stay out of.
Parental Guidance

As mask requirements lift, many families with immunocompromised kids and relatives feel overlooked

While a mask can be uncomfortable, parents of medically vulnerable kids aren’t comfortable removing masks in school.

Amid the unexpected events of the past 2 years, kids should know they can always expect love and reassurance

The Ukraine crisis is the latest anxiety-laden topic that parents are having to tackle with their children.
Parental Guidance

It's never been easier for your kids to see pornography — so what should you do? 

Curiosity about sex and pornography is completely natural and healthy, but the key is to make sure our children understand the difference between what is real and what is "entertainment."

Can you still feel the love? For parents 2 years into a pandemic, it's difficult — but possible

As Valentine's Day approaches, romance should be in the air — but it seems COVID-19 might be the only thing floating on the breeze right now.