Alice Hopton

National Environment and Climate Change Producer

Alice Hopton is a national Environment and Climate Change producer for CBC News.

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The movement to address environmental racism is growing. This bill could provide the data it needs

Environmental racism is an issue that has long impacted BIPOC communities across Canada. Advocates say a new bill could help address the links between race, environmental hazards and the accompanying health risks.

Why hospitals are beginning to reuse or recycle oxygen masks, IV bags, surgical tools they used to throw out

More hospitals are shifting away from single-use medical equipment to reusable PPE and surgical supplies and finding ways to recycle previously unrecyclable material, such as IV bags. Some doctors say it saves on costs and has environmental benefits.

A big test of reusable packaging for groceries comes to Canada

An online store has launched in Ontario selling groceries and household items from Loblaws in containers it will take back and refill — a test of whether Canadian consumers are ready to change their habits. 

What cities can learn from the biggest battery-powered electric bus fleet in North America

Transit systems are going electric to prepare for a low-carbon future. But it’s not as easy as you might think. Here’s a closer look at what can be learned from a Canadian pioneer in electric transit, Toronto, which has the largest battery-powered electric bus fleet in North America.

Parcel delivery companies are trading trucks for bikes in some Canadian cities. Here's why

The Black Friday, Cyber Monday, pre-Christmas pandemic online shopping frenzy calls for huge fleets of trucks and vans to deliver those gadgets and gifts. But those road-clogging, polluting vehicles are starting to give way to a greener, more efficient option in some Canadian cities: e-cargo bikes and trikes.

In the Arctic, 'everything is changing,' massive animal tracking study finds

Animals across the Arctic are changing where and when they breed, migrate and forage in response to climate change, says a new study unveiling the massive scale of the change. The changes mean humans in the Arctic may have to adapt and adjust everything from hunting seasons to conservation to land use, scientists say.

Yes, we're getting more extreme rainfall, and it's due to climate change, study confirms

We’ve seen more extreme rainfall and flooding across North America, and we know climate change is making the air warmer and wetter. But is there really evidence that the two are linked? Yes, there is, a new study from Environment and Climate Change Canada finds.

Early Rubens exhibition at AGO highlights 'anti-war art that changed the world'

The voluptuous female nudes painted by Peter Paul Rubens are so famous that the word Rubenesque is used to describe curvy figures to this day. Now a new exhibition at the Art Gallery of Ontario shows the darker side of the Flemish baroque master's early work.

'Being able to tell our own stories': Molly of Denali brings Indigenous voices to the fore

Molly of Denali, a new animated children's TV series, is breaking new ground by putting young Indigenous characters front and centre in starring roles — and by giving Indigenous creators the opportunity to tell their own stories.

How documentaries seek to bring climate change stories to life

From heartbreaking footage of struggling wildlife to music videos designed to go viral, some filmmakers and creators are using bold new tactics to ensure their work inspires a global call to action when it comes to climate change.