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Alexandre Silberman is a video journalist with CBC News based in Moncton. He has previously worked at CBC Fredericton, Power & Politics, and Marketplace. You can reach him by email at:

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ATV group urges members to stay off N.B. trails amid forest-fire risk

Quad N.B. said a cigarette butt or a hot exhaust pipe rubbing against brush could spark a fire in extremely dry conditions.

Independent watchdog investigating after Moncton man shot by police

New Brunswick RCMP have asked an independent oversight agency to investigate after police shot and injured an armed man in Moncton early Monday morning.

Listuguj First Nation immersion classes help families learn Mi'kmaw together

Mi'kmaw immersion classes for adults allow parents to learn at an intense pace toward becoming fluent speakers. These classes are helping families to start speaking Mi'kmaw at home and have even turned existing English-speaking teachers into immersion instructors themselves.

N.B. man who killed woman in front of sons won't be eligible for parole for 14 years

A New Brunswick man was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for killing his ex-girlfriend, who was stabbed in the neck while her two young sons watched at their Grand Falls home.

Asylum seekers bused to New Brunswick left struggling to find help

Migrants say they were directed onto buses with no idea where they were going or why, only to arrive in Moncton or Fredericton. The move has placed asylum seekers from around the world in a province where they say there is minimal legal aid, a lack of language interpreters and limited resources to help with basic needs.

Kent County man accused of chainsaw attack pleads guilty to lesser charges

Michael Gordon Augustine, 59, was expected to stand trial Tuesday on the charges, which included seven counts of attempted murder. But in Moncton provincial court on Monday, four new charges were laid by the Crown.

Meet the Listuguj man bringing Mi'kmaw language to the radio

The We Speak Mi’gmaq show draws a loyal audience of more than 1,000 regular listeners, tuning in on the radio and online from across Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. It’s one of the few places speakers and those learning the language can hear it on the radio.

Site demo latest chapter in decades-long dispute with Jackie Vautour and family

In Kouchibouguac National Park, few signs remained on Wednesday of the expropriated property Jackie Vautour’s family had been trying to hang on to for decades.

Parks Canada boxes up Vautour family's belongings to end 'illegal occupation'

Parks Canada is packing up the belongings of the late Jackie Vautour's family and removing them from Kouchibouguac National Park, hoping to end what the agency calls an "illegal occupation" of the park on the eastern New Brunswick coast.

Aboiteau Beach searching for climate-responsive plan for destroyed boardwalks

After post-tropical storm Fiona hit, Aboiteau Beach experienced damage to sand dunes, walkways, ramps to the beach and its restaurant. Now, the community is searching solutions to rebuild.