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'Like really tiny cattle': Couple grows literal 'meal' worms

Tiffany Cassidy has been farming meal worms and super worms in her pantry for the past year at her Waterloo, Ont., home.

'Mad as hell': Members of the film community react to potential sale of Saskatchewan Soundstage

It’s all speculation, but the Soundstage building on College Avenue in Regina could potentially be one of 660 provincially-owned buildings to be sold — that’s if the government decides the space is under-used.

Pigs' milk and potash: Saskatchewan grower dominates the fenugreek market

A Saskatchewan producer seems to have cornered the national market on a lesser-known crop with a wide range of uses.

Mayor of Elbow, Sask., won't bend on his promise to work on reconciliation

Just over a year ago, the mayor of Elbow, Sask., signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations. Today, reconciliation remains a priority for Rob Hundeby.

What a hoot: Owl makes itself at home after crashing through apartment window

Imagine coming home to a great horned owl perched in your living room, because that was a reality for one apartment resident in downtown Regina on Saturday.

'A hired nose': Regina woman and her dog sniff out drug problems

Two deaths and several overdoses apparently linked to fentanyl in Saskatoon over the weekend have further encouraged Dawn Meisner to curb addictions with her dog drug sniffing service.

Lou Van de Vorst hopes SGI lawsuits 'sends a message' after he lost his family to impaired driver

The Van de Vorst family is pleased with SGI's out-of-court settlement after lawsuits were filed against Saskatoon establishments who served impaired driver Catherine McKay in January 2016.

'Justin was always my protector': Family remembers Regina's latest homicide victim

Justin Langan was shot in his home on the 1400 block of Pasqua Street on Sunday night during a robbery.

Grouchy groundhog emerges from sock drawer to make Sask. spring and Grey Cup predictions

Woody the Woodchuck from Whelan Bay 'likes to sleep' and needed rousing for his annual day of work.

108-year-old Canadian man says the trick to a long life is to pick a good wife

Allcock, from Kerrobert, Sask., located about 200 kilometres southwest of Saskatoon, celebrated his 108th birthday on Friday and is one of the oldest men in Canada.