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Adam is a journalist reporting on health, science and climate change.

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What can we expect from clean hydrogen in Canada?

Plans for low or zero-emissions hydrogen projects are beginning to take shape across the country. But, at the moment, hydrogen is far from a low-emissions fuel, which is why some experts suggest expectations for the resource should be tempered.

New study raises alarm over rapid global wildlife loss

A new study is sounding the alarm over global wildlife loss, painting what the authors call "a considerably more alarming picture" of worldwide species population declines than previously thought. 

What does a 1.5 C increase in global temperatures mean for Canada?

A report from the World Meteorological Organization forecasts that global temperatures are likely to soon pass the 1.5 C limit set by the 2015 Paris climate agreement. But Canada has already blown past that threshold, so what does it mean here?
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Lithium, coined 'the new oil,' is shifting global markets. Here's what you need to know about it

Global interest in lithium — a common material in batteries — is on the rise thanks to increasing interest in electric vehicles. Here’s where today’s lithium comes from and how Canada fits into that picture.

Is the future of mining electric? As mines transition equipment, new risks emerge

The transition to electrical mining equipment presents new operational challenges and safety risks. And although it has been slowly trickling into mines for over a decade, some say there’s still work to be done to bring safety standards and training up to speed.