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Iran dumps Flight 752 investigator after he suggests Tehran kept airspace open to conceal 'imminent' attack

A newly released audio recording suggests Iran's highest authorities allowed commercial airliners to fly in and out of Tehran during the period of intense military activity when Flight 752 was shot down — because closing the airspace would have given away the regime's plan to strike U.S. military bases in Iraq.

Canada extends ban on most foreign travellers to at least July 31

Ottawa has extended for at least another month a sweeping travel ban that bars entry to all travellers who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or people entering from the U.S. for "essential" reasons.

Concerns grow that Iran will use downed Flight 752 to reopen ties with Canada

Iran's efforts to resume diplomatic relations with Canada — while the country is under international pressure to release flight information and conduct a transparent investigation into the downing of Flight 752 — has some worried that Iran is using the tragedy as a bargaining tool.

Liberals allowed MP Marwan Tabbara to run in 2019 despite sexual harassment investigation

MP Marwan Tabbara — who had a court hearing today on assault and criminal harassment charges — was approved to run for the Liberals in the 2019 federal election despite a party investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against him during his last mandate, CBC News has learned.

Canada's airlines ease into expanded summer service with added safety protocols

Canada’s beleaguered airline industry is taking cautious steps to restart operations after travel restrictions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic grounded much of the sector — but getting planes back in the air will be a costly and risky undertaking.

Ottawa health unit backtracks after issuing misleading advice on COVID-19 immunity

Ottawa's public health agency is walking back some public health advice after it told recovered COVID-19 patients that they might be safe from reinfection for two years or more — information that goes against what federal health officials have cautioned through the entire COVID-19 pandemic. 

Meet the 'forgotten Canadians' stranded in remote corners of the world demanding help to get home

They are the outliers — the last 10 per cent of Canadians stranded abroad who want to come home amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But the Canadian government may not be able to repatriate all of them.

Canadian Transportation Agency overwhelmed by 2-year backlog of air passenger complaints

The Canadian Transportation Agency is wrestling with a backlog of nearly 14,000 air passenger complaints accumulated over the past two years, at the same time as thousands of Canadians are demanding that the agency help get their money back from flights cancelled due to COVID-19.

Canadian airlines could 'fail' if forced to refund passengers, says transport minister

Transport Minister Marc Garneau says that Canadian airlines could go bankrupt if the ailing industry is compelled to refund passengers billions of dollars for flights cancelled due to the pandemic.

The long-term care crisis: How B.C. controlled COVID-19 while Ontario, Quebec face disaster

As COVID-19 continues to take its deadliest toll on long-term care facilities, Ontario and Quebec are struggling hard to contain outbreaks — while other provinces like British Columbia have managed to keep infections under control.

Grounded travellers call on government to force airlines to issue refunds for cancelled flights

Pressure is mounting on the federal government to make it mandatory for Canadian airlines to refund passengers for flights cancelled due to pandemic travel restrictions if those companies are receiving aid from taxpayers.

Liberal, Conservative and New Democratic parties apply for federal wage subsidy as donations dry up

The country's three largest political parties have joined a growing list of organizations looking for federal support during the pandemic.

Airline temperature checks raise privacy concerns, experts say

Air Canada's plan to introduce mandatory temperature checks for all passengers to screen for COVID-19 cases is meant to assure Canadians it's safe to fly again — but the policy raises privacy concerns, legal and privacy analysts say.

Canada turning to foreign airlines to bring home citizens stranded by pandemic

Canada has enlisted the help of nearly a dozen foreign airlines to bring home thousands of Canadians stranded abroad in remote mountain regions, on secluded islands and in locked-down countries that Canadian carriers can't reach as the pandemic tightens its grip.

Battered Canadian airline industry pushing for government bailout

Behind the scenes, major airlines are pressing the federal government for an aid package to help them survive the pandemic and quickly recover when countries lift their travel restrictions.