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Elections Canada tried to beat back 'implausible' online rumours about pencils spoiling ballots

Elections Canada spent more than 10 days responding to online disinformation claiming polling stations were using pencils that could be intentionally smudged to spoil voters' ballots.

Relentless online abuse of female MPs raises concern for safety of staff

For years, MPs targeted by online hate speech and threats have had to figure out on their own how to make their staff feel safe. But as the volume and intensity of online abuse - especially against female MPs - continues to grow, some federal politicians say it's time for Parliament to tackle the issue.

Trudeau took 'unprecedented' step by wearing bulletproof vest: RCMP sources

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau took an "unprecedented" step by wearing  a bulletproof vest at a campaign rally in response to a security threat, say two veteran RCMP sources.

Singh makes pitch for union support in Montreal, but faces competition for their votes

Canada's largest union is continuing to support the NDP heading into the election with advertising and boots on the ground. But another large union that supported the party in the past is encouraging members to vote strategically.

Fearing violence, the RCMP are closely watching hateful online election chatter

The RCMP are compiling daily threat reports on online hate targeting the federal political leaders during this election campaign, fearing it could spill over into real-world violence, sources tell CBC News. One of their main concerns is anti-immigration online chatter.

Singh confronts opioid crisis during B.C. campaign, stops short of promising safe supply

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wraps up his week-long campaign in B.C. today after being confronted repeatedly by the same desperate plea: Do something to help end the opioid crisis that Vancouver police say claims one life a day in the city alone.

NDP looking to social media for a campaign boost

The NDP, which went into this federal election campaign short of money and with sagging poll numbers, needs social media clout. It got some on Saturday.

Jagmeet Singh says he 'wasn't joking' on hoping Donald Trump is impeached

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh told a town hall audience in Victoria that he was serious when he said that he hopes U.S. President Donald Trump is impeached.

'I hope he gets impeached,' NDP leader jokes about Donald Trump

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh joked that he hopes Donald Trump "gets impeached" when asked Thursday evening what would he first say to the U.S. president if he was prime minister. 

Lack of affordable housing on Vancouver Island forces family to sleep in a tent and a van

Jagmeet Singh learned first-hand Thursday about the affordable housing crunch, when a weeping Betty Nicolaye came to his campaign event to tell him that she and her family were living in a backyard because they couldn't find rental accommodations.

NDP candidate wants to revive Indigenous rights bill which died with the election call

An NDP candidate says if she is elected, she will seek to revive a bill aimed at ensuring Canada’s laws are in harmony with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Federal parties being warned of efforts by 6 foreign countries to influence election: sources

Canada's intelligence services are carefully monitoring the threat of agents of the Chinese and Indian governments working with diaspora communities here to influence the upcoming federal election, according to a number of sources who have been briefed on their activities.

Filings show NDP ended 2018 in rough financial shape

Heading into an election year, the federal New Democratic Party fell deeper into a financial hole in 2018, hitting a low the party hasn't seen in at least 17 years.

Far-right group accused of white nationalism closer to party status — and increased scrutiny

An anti-hate group plans to publicly name and shame everyone who signed an Elections Canada registration form to allow a far-right group to become an eligible party.

'It's been hell': Indigenous DND employee says harassment policy failed him

Steve Morrisey devoted years of his career toward making the Canadian military a more friendly place for Indigenous members. Now, he's warning them to avoid it at all costs — at a time when the Department of National Defence is trying to recruit more Indigenous people.