Lady Gaga discusses Artpop, fame, fashion and fans

As part of her promotional tour for her new album Artpop, Lady Gaga sat down with CBC’s Wendy Mesley for a feature interview.

Watch Wendy Mesley's feature interview from The National here

Pop superstar Lady Gaga sits down with Wendy Mesley to discuss fame, her "little monsters" and much more. 12:35

Lady Gaga is back with Artpop, her third studio album. Known for her outrageous outfits as much as for her music, the singer’s flamboyant shows have led some to wonder whether she's more style than substance.

As part of her promotional tour, Gaga sat down with CBC’s Wendy Mesley for a feature interview. They discussed Gaga’s new album, whether her outrageous performances are for shock value alone, her surprisingly traditional upbringing and more.

Gaga said that her single Applause is about her relationship with fame, what that means to her and what it can mean to others.

“It's about this sort of place that we're in society where we're confused about famous people, we're confused about celebrities.  We think that all celebrities are just taking photos of their ass on Instagram for attention and that this is what art is,” she told Mesley.

“It's not [about that], and it's also not what music is. It's not what showbiz is about at all, and I don't have to do all those things to curate my own legacy.”

Mesley also spoke with CBC News Now’s Andrew Nichols about the unusual experience of sitting down with Gaga, as film crews micromanaged the spotlights illuminating Gaga, while hordes of young fans – Gaga’s Little Monsters – screamed loudly just outside.

You can watch the full interview tonight from The National here by clicking on the link at the top of the page.


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