Justin Bieber's troubled history with cars

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has had a chequered relationship with vehicles since rising to pop stardom and moving to Los Angeles. Here's a rundown.

Pop star's chequered driving history, from speeding to DUI

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber has had a rough month, with vehicles playing a role in two run-ins with the police.

Canadian singer Justin Bieber has had a chequered relationship with vehicles since rising to pop stardom and moving to Los Angeles. On Jan. 23, Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach and charged with driving under the influence and resisting arrest without violence after police said he had been stopped while "drag racing" down a street before dawn.

Here's a rundown of Bieber's other motor mishaps:

October 2011: Bieber and his three-car motorcade, which included singer Sean Kingston in a Rolls Royce, were pulled over for cutting off a police officer. They only received a warning.  

April 2012: A police officer asked Bieber to move his illegally parked $116,000 electric sports car. The officer was smiling while he spoke to him, and Bieber didn’t receive any fines.

July 2012: Bieber was caught weaving in and out of traffic on a highway in L.A. Dozens of motorists, including Los Angeles Councilman Dennis Zine, called California Highway Patrol and Bieber got a ticket. Apparently, Bieber was trying to escape paparazzi.

November 2012: Bieber was pulled over in his white Ferrari for making an illegal left turn, but police officers soon discovered his registration was expired. He did get ticketed, but it’s unclear what laws he allegedly broke.

January 2013: A photographer got hit by a car and died when taking photos of police pulling over Bieber’s car for speeding. It turned out Bieber was not behind the wheel. His friend and aspiring rapper Lil Twist was.

March 2013: Bieber was in Dubai and received a warning from from police for setting off six speed cameras while driving a borrowed Lamborghini.

March 2013: Bieber’s neighbour claimed the pop star spit on him and threatened to kill him during an altercation over his driving. The neighbour said Bieber was driving recklessly through the neighbourhood early in the morning.

May 2013: Former NFL player Keyshawn Johnson, another one of Bieber’s neighbours, complained to police about the teen's reckless driving through the neighbourhood.

June 2013: Police questioned Bieber about  a hit-and-run accident in L.A., but no charges were filed. The pedestrian, who suffered minor injuries, claimed Bieber hit him and drove away in his Ferrari.

August 2013: Bieber is accused of running a stop sign and driving without a licence. He was told to let his passengers drive him home.