Justin Bieber accused of attempted robbery, LAPD says

Justin Bieber is being investigated after being accused of an alleged attempted robbery last night, Los Angeles police told CBC News.

A woman claims Bieber attempted to take her cellphone, media reports

Justin Bieber, pictured at a Miami Beach police station in January, is being accused by a woman of allegedly attempting to take her cellphone. (Miami Beach Police Dept./The Associated Press)

Justin Bieber is being investigated after being accused of an alleged attempted robbery last night, Los Angeles police told CBC News.

It happened around 10:30 p.m. on Monday, said LAPD officer Rosario Herrera.

Bieber is the accused, said Herrera, but has not yet been charged with any offences relating to the case.

Officers are interviewing the victim. It is unclear if the police have spoken with Bieber.

KTLA TV reported that an attempted robbery allegedly involved Bieber trying to take a woman's phone.

Celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that the woman and her teen daughter were at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, where she says she saw Bieber with an entourage playing mini golf and using a batting cage.

The group got in an altercation with another group of men at the park when she says Bieber spotted her reaching for her cellphone.

Bieber allegedly wanted her phone to delete any photos of the altercation. When she refused, she says he grabbed it from her purse. When he could not unlock it, she says he returned the phone and she showed him that there were no photos on it.


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