Andrea Bellemare


Andrea Bellemare is a producer and reporter with CBC Radio. She helped launch the new CBC Kitchener-Waterloo radio station in 2013, has reported from Montreal and is currently a producer debunking disinformation for CBC News. She has also reported for the wire service Agence France-Presse.

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Dozens of MPs' websites can track visitors for targeted campaign ads

Nearly a third of MPs have trackers embedded on their official websites that could allow them to target visitors with campaign ads, an investigation by CBC News has revealed.

Misleading Trudeau 'joke' video demonstrates the political power of editing

A misleading video claiming to show Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bragging about bribing Canadian media has been viewed more than 250,000 times online.

Misinformation circulating online stokes fears of voter fraud ahead of federal election

Misunderstandings about voter requirements have many on social media expressing fears about voter fraud ahead of the federal election.

Tens of thousands of dollars, then silence: How some 3rd parties spent big in June

Two prominent third-party groups spent tens of thousands of dollars on political Facebook ads this spring, just before they stopped running advertising to stay inside of new election financing rules. Whether their message will still resonate with voters is another question.

Liberals lead in Facebook ad spending - but Conservatives close behind

The Liberal Party is outspending other parties on Facebook election ads, according to new data released by Facebook Thursday. But the Conservatives are close behind — and are spending more per ad than any other party.

How a misleading YouTube video is stoking fears about Shariah law before the federal election

A video circulating online purports to show evidence of an imam claiming that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is re-elected, he will institute Shariah law. But the man featured in the clip says he was taken out of context, and Trudeau has never said he wants to allow Shariah law in Canada.

So, you think you've spotted some 'fake news' — now what?

Here are some ways to check what you're seeing online — and some tips for avoiding spreading false or misleading information.

The real 'fake news': how to spot misinformation and disinformation online

So you think a story or photo you've seen online might be fake - or exaggerated. Here's what you need to know about fake news online. First tip - stop calling it fake news.

Three Canadians reflect on how climate change affects their livelihoods

A farmer, a former fisherman and a firefighter explain how climate change is creating challenges for them in their jobs and daily lives.

Indigenous youth, elders to live together in new Kamloops, B.C., housing project

A new project in Kamloops, B.C. will see Indigenous youth who have aged out of foster care living with elders together in a 31-unit condo building. Kamloops saw its homelessness rate nearly double between 2016 and 2018.

Make the Metro more comfortable, and commuters will come, researcher says

Alireza Mohammadi thinks if public transit systems around the world focus more on rider comfort, it will be easier to convince people to leave their cars behind. The Concordia PhD candidate has been taking measurements on Montreal's Metro for over 200 hours.

Les Grands Ballets Canadiens changes name of Femmes ballet after criticism

The artistic director of Les Grands Ballets, Ivan Cavallari, said his intention was not to objectify women in a new ballet, choreographed by three men, set for May 2019. The ballet's name has been changed to Parlami d'Amore, Italian for "talk to me about love."

Stacks of tickets are 'psychological weight' on marginalized itinerants, advocates say

Montreal police are too quick to ticket homeless people for minor offences such as jaywalking or panhandling, according to frontline workers and the itinerants themselves. They say the tickets add up, even when people can't pay them.

Valérie Plante met Bonhomme Carnaval and donned a matching tuque

Montreal Mayor Valérie Plante met Quebec City's Bonhomme Carnaval outside Montreal City Hall on Tuesday and donned his signature tuque, though she didn't sport a ceinture fléchée.

Explore the huge secret cave that lay hidden under Montreal

Two cavers recently discovered a huge secret cave formed by a glacier, a new chamber off an existing cave buried underneath a Montreal park. Here's a closer look at the amazing sights underground.