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Andrea Bellemare is a reporter and producer with CBC News who currently focuses on disinformation, tech and privacy. She helped launch the new CBC Kitchener-Waterloo radio station in 2013, reported for CBC Montreal and produced radio docs for CBC Radio. She has also reported for the wire service Agence France-Presse.

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Support for anti-government, pro-gun Boogaloo movement growing in Canada

An anti-government, pro-gun movement linked to recent violence in the U.S. is gaining supporters in Canada — prompting warnings from experts over their often hateful, violent remarks against protesters, police and Ottawa's new firearms restrictions.

COVID-19 is worse than a bad flu season, despite online claims to the contrary

A widely shared meme claims the COVID-19 death rate without a vaccine is lower than the flu death rate with a vaccine, but that assertion is incorrect, say epidemiologists.

Online rumours claiming bricks left out for Toronto protests are misleading

Rumours of bricks supposedly left out to encourage protesters to commit violence swirled on social media ahead of a planned march against anti-back racism Friday in Toronto. But the bricks have been linked to construction sites.

Some U.S. officials are blaming outside agitators for unrest. That tactic has a long history, experts say

Some U.S. officials have blamed so-called outside agitators for stoking unrest as nationwide protests against police violence have ruptured America this week, and experts say those claims echo a decades-old tactic to dismiss and delegitimize protests.

How a debunked COVID-19 video kept spreading after Facebook and YouTube took it down

Although social media giants such as Facebook and YouTube have largely removed a debunked documentary about the COVID-19 pandemic from their platforms, copies and variations of the video are still up on alternative social media sites where hundreds of thousands of people are watching them.

Quebec police investigating possible link between cell tower fires and 5G coronavirus conspiracy theories

Quebec provincial police are investigating whether at least two cellphone tower fires north of Montreal could be linked to conspiracy theories that 5G wireless technology caused the coronavirus pandemic.

WeChat's surveillance of international users boosts censorship in China, researchers say

WeChat is one of the world’s most popular apps, but researchers at the University of Toronto caution it is surveilling international users and using their information to broaden censorship on the app in China.

Federal government says Canada Post must deliver Epoch Times despite union objection

The federal government has declined a request from a postal workers union local in Toronto to issue an order stopping delivery of a special coronavirus edition of the Epoch Times, because it doesn’t meet the criminal threshold for hate speech.

Some Canadians who received unsolicited copy of Epoch Times upset by claim that China was behind virus

The Epoch Times, a newspaper that has polarized people over its content, is coming under fire for advancing a conspiracy theory about the origin of the coronavirus — and having it delivered straight into people's mailboxes unsolicited.

1 in 10 Canadians believes a coronavirus conspiracy theory, survey suggests

Conspiracy theories around the origin of the coronavirus have been circulating since it was first identified. A preliminary study suggests that one in 10 Canadians believes at least one conspiracy theory about the virus. 

Social media firms catching more misinformation, but critics say 'they could be doing more'

From deleting content to including warnings to offering grants, social media platforms have taken unprecedented steps to fight misinformation online because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but some critics say it’s still not enough.

Far-right groups may try to take advantage of pandemic, watchdogs warn

Far-right groups in North America are 'opportunistic' and are seeking ways to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to spread hate and fear, say watchdogs who keep tabs on them.

No, you can't make an N95 mask out of a bra

You can't make an N95 mask out of a bra, and gargling with salt water will not protect you from getting COVID-19. Here are five myths about the virus circulating online and some tips on how to spot bad advice.
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Chiropractors told to remove posts claiming their methods boost immune system and prevent COVID-19

Governing bodies across Canada have issued warnings to chiropractors over claims that chiropractic care can boost your immune system and prevent infection from the novel coronavirus that has caused the COVID-19 pandemic.

No, the new coronavirus wasn't created in a lab, scientists say

The idea that SARS CoV-2, the new coronavirus behind the current pandemic, was created in a lab is a favourite among conspiracy theorists. But an international team of researchers has shown it was not genetically engineered.