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Alex Shprintsen is an award-winning documentary producer who has worked with CBC News for more than 20 years.

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CBC Investigates

Hidden asbestos: Hundreds of homes in Peterborough, Ont., suspected of containing toxic material from GE plant

A CBC News/Toronto Star investigation has found that from the 1940s until the mid-1970s, General Electric sold off leftover asbestos material from its Peterborough factory for pennies a pound, delivering it by truck to potentially hundreds of workers' homes.

'Apple can't help': How a molecular biologist trained stay-at-home moms to recover lost iPhone photos

A group of independent repair technicians are challenging Apple’s approach to data recovery from water-damaged iPhones.
CBC Investigates

737 Max flight manual may have left MCAS information on 'cutting room floor'

In the over 1,600-page flight manual of Boeing's 737 Max 8 planes, the aircraft's new MCAS computer system, now at the centre of the investigations into two deadly crashes, is mentioned only once by name — in the glossary of abbreviated terms.

'Complete control': Apple accused of overpricing, restricting device repairs

Apple often overestimates the cost of repairs to its products and threatens third-party shops who are willing to fix them for a fraction of the price.

Paris attacks: Survivors still haunted months after carnage

Nina’s story is the story of hundreds of Parisians who simply wanted to have a good time on a Friday night in one of the most open-minded and liberal cities in the world. Instead they experienced the terror of their lives.

Paris attacks: Did intelligence fail in France?

There are many examples of security breakdowns prior to the carnage in Paris on Nov. 13, and much has been made of them. But there are a number of others that have received less public attention.

What happens if Harper wins the most seats but not a majority?

With opinion polls suggesting no party is likely to form a majority government on Monday, the question widely asked at this point in the campaign is, "What happens if Stephen Harper wins the most seats but does not reach a majority?"

Senator's husband put $1.7M in offshore tax havens

Prominent Canadian lawyer Tony Merchant, husband to Liberal Senator Pana Merchant, moved $1.7 million to secretive financial havens while he was battling the Canada Revenue Agency over his taxes, according to a massive leak of financial data shared exclusively in Canada with CBC News.