Canada's foreign aid commitment to contraception low despite great need

Family planning has been a point of friction since the beginning in the debate over Canada's funding for maternal, newborn and child health. 2015 Travers Fellow Laura Payton finds that in Tanzania, it's not a theoretical debate.

2015 Travers Fellowship series: Is Canada's foreign aid focus working?

The CBC's Laura Payton is the 2015 winner of the R. James Travers Fellowship for foreign reporting. Her research took her to Tanzania and Haiti to look at Canadian-funded aid. is carrying those reports.

Maternal health funding 'the right thing to do' - but what comes next?

Canada has been praised for both its work on maternal, newborn and child health and for pushing the movement to end child marriage too. Questions are mounting, however, about how much the Conservatives put into development and where that money is directed.

Haiti's health gains at risk without ongoing assistance from Canada

The poorest country in the hemisphere is making strides in health and education, Canada's ambassador to Haiti says. But an external report on Canada's development assistance there warns that Haiti risks losing its hard-fought gains.
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Canada's maternal health billions: From Bono to birth control, what's working?

Under the Conservatives, Canada's foreign aid has focused on the health of some of the world's poorest mothers and children. But the initiative was criticized for ruling out abortion. Laura Payton, just back from visiting Canadian projects in Tanzania and Haiti, takes your questions, along with our guest Saadya Hamdani from Plan Canada.

The faces of Canadian aid: Tanzania

Canada has centred its international development program around maternal, newborn and child health. CBC News, with the help of the R. James Travers Fellowship, travelled to Tanzania and Haiti to meet some of the recipients of Canadian aid.

Maternal health gains limited by budget crunches and deadlines

Canada's success in improving maternal and child health in the developing world has been limited by timelines that see projects end too soon and a lack of money for local staff. Laura Payton, the 2015 Travers Fellow, continues her look at Canada's signature foreign aid program.

Saving women and children: How has Canada delivered?

Spurred by Canada, the world focused its attention five years ago on the high rate of preventable deaths for women and young children. Laura Payton, this year's R. James Travers Fellow, looks at the impact of Canadian foreign aid in a series beginning today.