9/11: Remembering & Rebuilding

We have extensive coverage leading up to the 9/11 anniversary, culminating in a special program from New York City on Sunday, September 11, hosted by Wendy Mesley.

In this feature: The National examines the impact of the deadly terrorist attacks ten years after 9/11, on the people directly affected by the violence, and those whose lives were affected by the reverberations around the U.S., Canada, and beyond.  We also focus specifically on the city of New York, and the effort to rebuild Ground Zero and heal the wounds felt by so many people that day.

Included in this in depth feature:

Ioanna Roumeliotis goes back to New York to catch up with some of the people she first interviewed on the ground that day to find out how the experience changed them.  Watch "Ten Years After 9/11".  You can also watch a special web-exclusive video of one of those people, Hans Gerhardt, who lost his son Ralph in the WTC attacks.  Watch "Going Back to Ground Zero"

Rex Murphy goes back to Gander, NL, where locals welcomed stranded 9/11 plane passengers ten years ago, and are now receiving a unique and special gift to honour their kindness and generousity.  Watch "A Gift for Gander"

Alison Smith meets up again with Brian Clark, who narrowly escaped down the stairwell from the 84th floor of the south tower moments before it collapsed.  He told his story to Allison ten years ago in a moving and unforgettable interview. Watch "Canadian 9/11 Survivor".

You can also watch the original stories by Rex (The Kindess of Strangers: Original Story) and Alison (Brian Clark: Original Interview), as well as the full one-hour special edition of The National which aired the night of September 11, 2001.

You will also find reports by Wendy Mesley, David Common and Kelly Crowe.